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Center for Teaching Excellence


USCreativity Innovation Grants

Call for Proposals

The application deadline has passed.

The Center for Teaching Excellence is pleased to support the USCreativity Initiative and invites full-time faculty to submit proposals for grants to fund teaching and learning innovations, curriculum and instructional development, and creativity in experiential learning. 

Creativity is considered a crucial skill for 21stcentury learners and an important aspect of learning in higher education. It is necessary to guide learners to more effectively use resources to develop knowledge and skills and solve problems in a culture that is more multidisciplinary, global, social, cooperative, and connected (Gibson, 2010) along with rapidly changing technological innovations (Livingston, 2010). 

Creativity can be variously defined as the capacity to:  

  • Produce and invent
  • Contribute original thought
  • Express creative instincts
  • Implement problem-solving skills
  • Experience opportunities for sparking and enlarging creative processes

Higher education can hone creativity by incorporating pedagogies that maximize opportunities for students to practice being inventive, and harvest and build upon the creativity that every student already possesses and uses.

USCreativity Grant Categories

Funding is available for two separate USCreativity grant categories:

Creative Arts Integration

The Creative Arts Integration grants will fund efforts to integrate the creative arts into courses across campus. The goal is to enhance courses that do not typically include the creative arts, which includes theatre, dance, arts, and music, by embedding relevant and instructive performance, design, art, and music into non-arts courses.  Examples include incorporating musical theory into a mathematics course, or dance into a physics course.    

Classroom Creativity Design Challenge

The second set of grants will support faculty to incorporate “design thinking” which uses an iterative approach of practical, creative problem-resolution skills to identify alternative strategies and solutions to problems.  Such an approach will bring together faculty and staff from different units to create a challenging experience involving innovation and creativity in the classroom or in any area of teaching and learning.  Applicants who completed The Great Gamecock Design Challengein May 2018 will be given preference for the design challenge grants.


Grant applicants may request up to $2,000 to support efforts for the integration of creative arts and up to $1,000 to support efforts for the design challenge. If you are a Great Gamecock Design Challenge Participant and an eligible faculty member, you may apply to combine both grant categories for support of up to $3,000


Visit USCreativity Innovation Grants for more information and to apply.

The application deadline has passed.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.