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Online Course Syllabus Template

A primary purpose of a syllabus is to communicate to your students what the course is about, why it is taught, where it is going, and what will be required of the students for them to complete the course with a passing grade. The Online Course Syllabus Template makes your work easier! Templates are ADA accessible and include sample statements that meet the Syllabus Best Practices [pdf] recommendations. 

Course Schedule Template

The course schedule template is a table with Date, Topic, Assignment, and Due Today headings and include key dates in the semester academic calendar.

A course structure designed with student-centered learning in mind and organized to make it simple and easy for students (and you) to navigate in your course.  Designed in Blackboard Ultra Course View, the template was created using Quality Matters (QM) Higher Education Course Design Rubric Standards, which USC adopted in 2013.  Many of the links found on the course menu contain boilerplate language that you can modify to fit your course.

Model Online Course

The instructional design team at the Center for Teaching Excellence has compiled components from several courses to create a Model Course to give you an idea of how to create an online course. The Model Online Course is designed around the university’s quality assurance standards, which are based on the Quality Matters™ Higher Education (HE) Course Design Rubric Standards.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolbox

This toolbox contains four different sections that contain instructional tools and resources that university instructors can implement within their respective courses.

Resources for Accessibility

Faculty and staff are essential partners in making sure all students have equal access to academic success. To support your students, utilize the resources below. If a student discloses they have a disability or you suspect they do, encourage them to register with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC).

3Ds Webinar Series: Online Course Design, Development, and Delivery
Research Tips & Tutorials @ USC University Libraries

Here you will find a host of items that can help you or your students learn about everything the library has to offer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Research & Instruction Department!

Online Teaching Peer Observation

The Center for Teaching Excellence’s online teaching peer observation form provides performance indicators for communication and interaction, instructional strategies and instructional materials, and assessment and feedback.  The indicators include items that are consistent with best practices. The online teaching observation is intended to facilitate an instructor’s professional growth.

Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository for real-world strategies

The Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR) is a public resource offered by the University of Central Florida's (UCF) Center for Distributed Learning (CDL). Each entry describes a strategy drawn from the pedagogical practice of online/blended teaching faculty, depicts this strategy with artifacts from actual courses, and is aligned with findings from research or professional practice literature.

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