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Digital Accessibility

Image Grid Alt Text

If your grid images link as part of an image grid or a flexible grid snippet, you must write alt text for those images even if they would normally be considered decorative. Any image that serves as part of a link requires alt text.

Adding & Replacing Alt Text

Be sure to add alt text when you build your grid and update the alt text every time you change out an image.

  1. Select your image, then click the Image icon to get to the Insert/Edit options.
    • The top display of edit options for an OU Campus page. A button with a folder icon is followed by four tab options, Preview, Edit, Properties, and Versions. To the right are four more buttons, the first with a checkmark, then a box icon and downward error, then with a yellow lightbulb icon, and finally, a green Publish button with a dropdown arrow. There is also a small gray circle with a white question mark in it next to the Publish button. The first row of icons includes Save, cancel, scissors, two stacked papers, a clipboard with an empty paper, a clipboard with filled paper, binoculars, undo and redo errors, spell check, italics, bold, bullets, numbered list, increase and decrease indent, quotation marks, x squared, x with a subscript, left align, center, right align, full width text, link, envelope, and anchor. The second row includes Paragraph and a dropdown, Styles and a dropdown, and an image icon in a garnet rectangle for emphasis followed by a dash, an arrow pointing left, C in a circle, a puzzle piece, two arrows in an oval, Insert component symbol, table with a dropdown, and four arrows pointing outwards to maximize content. The head on the page being edited includes the UofSC monogram, South Carolina, and Communications and Public Affairs.
  2. Make sure the “Image is decorative” option box is left unchecked. These images cannot be decorative because they are links.

  3. Add your alt text to the "Alternative description" box. Click "Save" to confirm.
    • The Insert/Edit Image modal over an Image Grid Snippet. Empty fields for Source, Accessibility, and Alternative Description are emphasized with a garnet rectangle. The modal has two tabs, General and Advanced. General tab is selected and includes several options: Source text field and upload button, an unchecked Image is decorative box, Alternative Description text field, Image Title text field, Width and Height text fields with ratio lock icon, Class dropdown (not set), Custom Class text field, and ID text field. Cancel and Save buttons are at the bottom.

Video Tutorial

Learn how to add alt text to your image grid.

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