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Carolina Food Co.

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Who We Are


The Carolina Food Co. is committed to providing exceptional service, one-of-a-kind experiences and fresh culinary creations at the University of South Carolina. We have a special focus on tailoring our dining program to fit the intellectually dynamic and diverse community at South Carolina. Innovation is a key pillar in our overall strategy to provide an excellent dining experience. We are constantly changing and adapting to the wants and needs of our students. The Carolina Food Co. has 11 immensely talented chefs that create dishes that deviate from the status quo. Our team works to ensure our food is healthy, fresh and flavorful.

On campus, we have over 30 locations that span across various types of cuisine. Our restaurants are structured to fit the busy lives of students that matriculate at South Carolina. Dining is a pivotal part of students’ lives while in college, and we strive to create spaces that students want to make their home away from home. Our menus incorporate local ingredients from farms that span from South Carolina to Virginia. Carolina Food Co. is dedicated to working with local farmers and small businesses to support our surrounding communities. We are honored to be a partner with the University of South Carolina and to serve our magnificent Gamecocks!

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.