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Preston College Plans

Preston College meal plans are for residents of Preston College only. The plans include a specific number of meal swipes per week you can use to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at all-you-care-to-eat, food court or retail dining locations. Meal plan dollars (MPD) are included in your meal plan and can be used anytime at campus dining locations for meals, snacks and meal swipe overages. 

Spring 2021 Meal Plans 

Sign up for a Spring 2021 meal plan by visiting the Self Service Carolina portal at until January 13.  After January 13, upgrade or sign up for a meal plan by contacting the Carolina Card office directly at (803) 777-1708 or through


Customize a Meal Plan

Meal Plan Platinum ($325 MPD) Gold ($190 MPD) Sliver ($25 MPD) No MPD
Gamecock 21 $2,477 $2,371 $2,197 N/A
Cocky 16 $2,382 $2,265 $2,091 N/A
Garnet 14 $2,237 $2,108 $1,940( First-year resident default plan) N/A
Carolina 10 N/A $1,904 N/A N/A
Preston 4* N/A N/A N/A $824

Meal plan pricing shown above is subject to change based on Board of Trustee approval.

* Preston's 4 is available to Preston College upperclassmen only.


Step One: Select the number of meal swipes you would like per week:

  • Gamecock 21: 21 meal swipes per week  (Best Value)
  • Cocky 16: 16 meal swipes per week  (Most Popular)
  • Garnet 14: 14 meal swipes per week  (Default plan)

Meal swipes can be used in our residential restaurants for all-you-care-to-eat dining or in retail for a meal equivalency. You can use more than one swipe per meal period and up to four in a day. Unused meal swipes expire at the end of the week and meal swipes will reset back the following week.

Preston College students have specific meal plan requirements. The Garnet 14 Silver is the minimum required meal plan for all first-year residents of Preston College. The Preston 4 is the minimum required meal plan for upperclassmen living in Preston College and does not include any meal plan dollars.

Step Two: Select the amount of meal plan dollars you'd like for the semester:

  • Platinum: $325 Meal Plan Dollars
  • Gold: $190 Meal Plan Dollars
  • Silver: $25 Meal Plan Dollars

Meal plan dollars (MPD) are tax free and can be used for snacks, coffee or overages at retail locations when using a meal equivalency. MPD can be used at all dining locations and expire at the end of the semester.

Step Three: Purchase your meal plan

Visit, select “Your Student Account” and choose your desired meal plan. Prices above represent your cost per semester.

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