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This section of the PeopleSoft Website is intended to provide help and support for PeopleSoft users. On this page you will find contact information for the departments you have specific PeopleSoft questions for and additional areas that may be helpful.

Read the department information to make sure you are contacting the correct area.  If your question is for another department, it will be forwarded to that department on your behalf.

Contact Information for PeopleSoft Questions

General Accounting

Contact General Accounting for questions  regarding:

* Journal Entries                          * RQs
* Banking Transfers                    * Assets
* Capital Projects                         * Tax
* Journal Vouchers
* Endowments
* International Suppliers and Sales Use Tax Returns.

For questions regarding Journal Vouchers email:

For all other General Accouting questions email:


Team Card

Contact Team Travel for questions regarding:

* Updating My Wallet
* Reconciling the Card
* Approving a transaction

Email Address:


Travel and Expense

Contact Travel and Expense for questions regarding:

* Travel Authorizations
* Travel Advances
* Expense Reports

Email Address:


Accounts Payable and Travel

Contact Accounts Payable for questions regarding:

* Vendor Payments          * Payment request
* AP Uploads                     * Refunds
* Travel

For questions regarding AP Upload email:

For all other Accounts Payable inquiries email:



Supplier Maintenance

Contact Supplier Maintenance for questions regarding:

* W-9                            * New Suppliers
* W-8                            * Changes to Supplier

Email Address:



Cash Advance Settlement Form

Contact Cash Advance for questions regarding:

* Cash Advance Settlement Forms
* Team Travel Advance Settlement Forms
* Grant Cash Advance Settlement Forms

Email Address:


Grants and Funds Management

Contact Grants and Funds Management for questions regarding:

* Sponsored Awards               * Project Team
* Sponsored Projects              * Cost Share
* Grant Related Queries             
* F&A Allocation
* Approver 1 Updated Access for USCSP Grants
 (for all other Approver updates see PeopleSoft 

Email Address:






Contact Purchasing for questions regarding:

* Requester Preferences and Defaults
* Requisitions                   * Change Orders
* Purchase Orders           * Receipts
* Procurement Card

Email Address:

General Ledger

Contact the Controller's Office Chartfield Maintenance Team for questions regarding:

* Chartfield maintenance
* Financial Reporting

Email Address:




Contact the Bursar's Office for questions regarding:

* Entering a Deposit
* Modifiying a Deposit
* Deleting a Deposit
* Running the Deposit Transmittal

Email Addresses: or


PeopleSoft Access

For questions regarding PeopleSoft Access:

* First time access to PeopleSoft
* Changes to Existing Access
* Approver 1 and 2 Updates
(for CGA Approver 1 updates see Contract and Grants Administration)
* Approver Updates for Journal Entry and Journal Voucher

For first time access to PeopleSoft and changes to existing access complete the PeopleSoft Finance Access Form.

For questions regarding the PeopleSoft Finance Access form email:


PeopleSoft Training

Contact PeopleSoft Training for questions regarding:

* Registration and Attendance
* Content for Classes
* Resources
* PeopleSoft Newsletters

Email Address:


Finance Intranet

Contact Finance Intranet for questions regarding:

*Technical Issues

For questions regarding Financial data, contact one of the departments above.

Email Address:


If your issue is not related to one of the departments above please complete a service ticket with Service Now.