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HRTM 590: Financial Impact of Climate Change on the Hospitality Industry in Iceland

Area: Global Classroom
Location: Reykjavik
Country: Iceland
Term: Maymester
Faculty and Staff: Kevin Ayres & Scott Smith

Course: HRTM 590

Dates: 05/10/2021 - 05/26/2021

Program Contact:

The course will combine traditional academic learning with experiential learning. Students will be required to read and research the countries hospitality and tourism industry. They will be tested on the destination marketing strategy of the country and be able to identify the key hospitality and tourism products in Iceland. In addition, they will be required to understand how to connect these strategies and products, with the financial costs of implementing the needed sustainability initiatives. Students will supplement this knowledge by observing, participating, listening, meeting, and interviewing key stakeholders in the hospitality and tourism industry of Iceland. They will be asked to critically think about what they have learned and observed and reflect on the long-term financial impacts of the transition occurring in hospitality and tourism industry of Iceland due to climate change. We plan to have some guest speakers including Dr. Brumby McLeod College of Charleston speaking on Destination Management, Dr. Angela Durko, Texas A&M University speaking on The Foundations of Tourism, Thor Erligson, Holar University speaking on Sustainability Initiatives in Iceland and the Iceland Minister of Tourism speaking on general Tourism Trends in Iceland.

Application deadline: March 1

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