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Fantastic Fiction and Where to Find It

Area: Global Classroom
Location: Lisbon, London, Porto
Country: Portugal, United Kingdom
Term: Maymester
Faculty and Staff: Nicole Fisk, David DeWeil, & Katie Zimmerle

**This program is closed and has a waitlist.**

Course: ENGL 282

Dates: 05/11/2021 - 05/24/2021

Program Contact:

English 282 is designed to help students learn about literary fiction as a genre. To that end, they will learn about various elements of fiction, including plot, setting, character, conflict, symbol, and point of view. When studying these elements, it’s useful to think about how they all work together to develop a central theme. In this particular English 282 course, students will critically read and analyze passages from JK Rowling’s internationally bestselling Harry Potter series, focusing particularly on setting by conducting their study in Portugal (where the first chapters of the series were drafted) and England (where the series is set). In the early 1990s, JK Rowling lived in Porto and drew much inspiration from her surroundings; one of the questions this course will consider is: what makes Portugal, the oldest nation-state in Europe, so magical? This course requires a rigorous examination, through discussion and in writing, of the ways in which cultures are both sustained and merged via fictional texts, as well as how Porto and its surrounding areas still serve as a hot spot for creativity.

Application deadline: March 1

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