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Education Abroad Office

The Spanish Sport Experience

Area: Global Classroom
Location: Madrid, Seville, Barcelona
Country: Spain
Term: Maymester
Faculty and Staff: Matt Brown

*Sports and Entermainment Management students along wtih Graduate students*

*Students must speak with Matt Brown first before completing an application through the Education Abroad Office.*

Course: SPTE 570

Dates: 05/02/2023-05/11/2023

Program Contact:

Program Description:

During the course of this trip, students will develop advanced knowledge of the professional sport industry in Spain through exposure to various professional sport tournaments (Professional tennis, Champions League soccer). By learning about the history, culture, people, and language of Spain as well as acquiring an understanding of how Spain has become a major player in the European sport industry, students will become better acquainted with global sport management practices.

Students will be able to compare and contrast the differences between the sport industry in the US and Spain and also develop an understanding about the role Spanish professional sports play in the European and global sport industry. Students will also research information about the trip prior to departure in order to take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities presented by this study abroad experience.

In order to become more aware of Spain and its cultural opportunities, students will develop a basic knowledge of the history and cultural importance of the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, in general, and specifically as they relate to managing the business of sport. Of particular interest will be exploring how best practices in global sports management have originated in this region. Students spend 4 days in Madrid as part of the "Madrid Weekender" program which exposes them to industry professionals, academic experts, and fellow students from around the world, and then spend 1 day in Saville and 3 days in Barcelona exploring sport sites and cultural attractions in order to compare how sport business is practiced within Spain and overall in Europe. In Barcelona students will also explore the 1992 Olympic legacy.

Application Deadline: March 1st

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