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Pura Vida: Sustainability of Earth and Self

Area: Global Classroom
Location: La Fortuna and Manuel Antonio
Country: Costa Rica
Term: Spring Break
Faculty and Staff: Jessie McNevin

*This program is open to Capstone Scholars only.*

Course: UNIV 290 (1 Credit)

Dates: 03/05/2022-03/13/2022

Program Contact:

Program Description:

Costa Rica is a leader in conservation efforts with 98% of its electricity generated from green sources, and is actively working to become carbon-neutral by 2021. In addition, it tops the Happy Planet Index rankings, a rating system that measures sustainable wellbeing, considering factors such as life expectancy, wellbeing, ecological footprint, and inequality.

Pura Vida is a common phrase used in Costa Rica. Simply translated, it means “simple life”, but in Costa Rica, it is more than just a saying—it is a way of life. We’ll be visiting a country that prides itself on their sustainability efforts as well as their demeanor regarding stressful situations—pura vida to them means being thankful for what they have and not dwelling on the negative.

Throughout this course, we will explore the three components of sustainability: environmental, societal, economic. We’ll learn how the Costa Rican culture informs sustainable living and the role of the collective versus the individual in carrying out the pura vida lifestyle.

Application Deadline: December 1

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