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Education Abroad Office

University of Warwick

Area: Global Exchange
Location: Coventry
Country: England
Term: Spring, Fall, Academic Year

UofSC's exchange program in England is designed to expose students to British life and culture. Students will attend the University of Warwick and take classes within the History Department, which is the second highest-ranked history program in the UK. The University campus is located on the edge of the city of Coventry, situated in the heart of England. Once a medieval city, Coventry is now a bustling industrial center with a population of around 300,000. The program at the University of Warwick offers a variety of subject options within the discipline of history: Art, Modern European, Renaissance, Cultural, Sociological, French, and Comparative.

Cost: UofSC resident tuition rates + in-country costs

Requirements: 3.0 GPA,  limited to UofSC history majors, minors and cognates

The United Kingdom is one of the most expensive places to study abroad due to the weak dollar against the strong pound. Due to this fact, students need to budget accordingly and be aware that prices will be approximately double while in the UK.  

Students typically earn 30 credit hours per academic year. Normally, three year-long courses worth 10 credits each are taken at Warwick, at least one of which must be in history, allowing for a variety of courses to be taken in addition. Students studying for one semester only will have restricted course selection and should meet with Colin Wilder and Education Abroad Office for more information. 

To see courses UofSC students have taken at this university, please reference the Registrar's Course Equivalency Table

The University of Warwick's campus offers  vibrant student life opportunities with sports facilities, an art center, and cafe's and restaurants. For an additional fee, Warwick's International Office organizes a variety of inexpensive excursions to places such as Stratford, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Oxford, Cambridge, London, Stonehenge and Salisbury. Students also have the opportunity for individual travel. Coventry also has many nearby cities students can access via public transport. 

Per university policy, all USC students will be charged for  emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance of  for their time abroad. Students will be enrolled in this insurance by the education abroad office prior to their departure. Contact the Education Abroad Office for more details. 

 Students live in University residences with British, international and other exchange students. Prices vary based on accommodation and fees will be paid directly to Warwick. Students who wish to live on campus at Warwick must submit their applications in a timely manner to ensure their housing placement. 

Students participating in an academic year exchange taking full year courses will study at Warwick for all three trimesters, as Warwick has a trimester calendar.

Classes begin in late September and end in December for the fall semester. In the spring, classes begin in January and end in March*, with some examinations continuing for the Summer term through late June. 

*note: the spring semester at Warwick is split into the spring and summer terms, Students should plan on staying for the spring term only (January through March), Those who plan to take courses in the summer term, must notify the education abroad office of their plans in order to ensure their course placement in the summer term. Students who wish to study for the Fall term only will need to be extra diligent in the course selection process and inform the Education Abroad Office during the application process. 

Orientation will be held during the first few days after you arrive. Orientation will cover such topics as campus life, health care, safety and housing.

Students who attend the University of Warwick for one semester (less than 6 months) do not need to apply for a visa  in advance. You will receive a Student Visitor visa at the airport. Students studying for the full academic year will need to apply for the PBS Tier Four General Student visa. Please contact the Education Abroad Office if you have questions.


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