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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Aid for Education Abroad

You’ve got your destination in view with the Education Abroad Office, but your financial situation seems a little unclear. You may be eligible for financial aid.

Guidelines for Receiving Aid for Education Abroad

University of South Carolina students who wish to use financial aid to pay for credits earned while enrolled in an education abroad program must provide additional information to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to determine aid eligibility. An Education Abroad Prescreen Form is required for all study abroad students seeking financial aid. This form will be available April 15.

  • Fees paid to UofSC Columbia allow you to use all of your UofSC awarded financial aid except Federal Work-Study.
  • If fees are paid to another school, a consortium agreement is required. A consortium agreement is a written agreement between UofSC and the host school that allows UofSC to process your financial aid for attendance at the host school. The financial aid office will work on your behalf to obtain the agreement, if one is not already on file. Funds are disbursed to you, and you are responsible for payment of fees at the host school. If the host school does not participate in consortium agreements, you will be notified. 
  • If fees are paid to a program provider, the name of the program provider must be indicated on the Education Abroad Prescreen Form prior to returning it to our office. 

Sometimes, additional expenses occur due to education abroad. If fees are paid to UofSC but you incur additional expenses during education abroad, documentation of the expenses must be submitted to our office for review. A determination will be made if the expenses can be counted toward cost of education.

Due to different deadlines by schools and providers, financial aid may not be available when the bill is due at the host school. Students are encouraged to make payment arrangements with the host school. Funds that are disbursed must be paid to the host school or program provider. State Need-Based Grant awards cannot be used toward the bill. Failure to remit payment to the host school will result in you being billed by UofSC for the aid received.

For education abroad questions related to financial aid, contact the Education Abroad Coordinator at  

Financial Aid Checklist for Education Abroad

Complete the current academic year FAFSA, and apply for a Federal Student Aid ID if necessary. You may need to provide parent information on the FAFSA. 

The Education Abroad Prescreen Form allows the financial aid office to determine your eligibility. View our Forms page to obtain the prescreen form.  Due to COVID-19, please check with the Education Abroad Office for availability of programs.

Enroll in place-holder courses through the UofSC Education Abroad Office

Complete all requirements for loans and other awards if applicable. This includes completing entrance counseling and signing a master promissory note.

Read all terms and conditions of each award carefully to ensure you understand eligibility requirements.

Resolve all UofSC charges prior to your education abroad. Aid will not be disbursed if you still owe UofSC for prior year or current year charges. 

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