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GEOG 105

The Digital Earth

This course will explore how geographic data is collected, visualized, and analyzed in various digital formats (e.g., maps, aerial images, infographics, etc.). Our exploration will include learning about the basics of cartography (map interpretation and mapmaking), problem solving through spatial thinking, and geospatial technologies. Though the subject matter is technically oriented, this course will focus on the basic concepts and applications.  


Learning Objectives

  • Explain the basic concepts and principles in processing digital geographic data.  
  • Collect, map, and analyze spatial data as a mechanism to understand our physical and social world.  
  • Make use of online resources of aerial photos, satellite images and maps in various formats.  
  • Think spatially and develop problem-solving skills with critical understanding of geographic context.  
  • Demonstrate reasoning and communication skills using map-based technologies such as online maps, mobile GIS, and web-apps.  

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