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JOUR 101

Media and Society

What do your self-selected media forms say about you, and what do they convey about society at large? This foundational course studies the relationship of media and society. Two questions drive our inquiry: How do media forms create, maintain, subvert, and question forms of culture? Likewise, How do culture and commodity beckon the continuing evolution of media forms?


Leanring Objectives

  • Recognize and apply media literacy skills by discerning personal and public media habits, preferences, and behaviors;
  • Analyze issues of diversity and inclusion across different media frames (current, historical, cultural, economic, and technological);
  • Identify and contextualize media industry trends and challenges concerning media influence in society and social institutions;
  • Explain and assess theoretical perspectives that guide our understanding of mass media and its impact on society and culture.


Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.