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MUSC 110

Introduction to Music

This course offers a survey of Western music from the medieval period to the present day, with a focus on the elements of music, terminology, composers, compositional form and style, and historical context. Emphasis will be placed on 18th and 19th Century music; jazz and American popular music will be included. Critical understanding of representative works will be cultivated by a study of musical elements, forms, and style periods, as well as composers' lives, individual styles, and creative inspirations.  


Leanring Objectives 

  • Apply critical thinking, writing, research, and basic listening skills to informed musical discussions.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of aesthetics and music as an art.  
  • Analyze musical works regarding compositional elements, style, and historical context.  
  • Discuss specific artistic periods or styles of music with emphasis on prominent composers, and representative works.  
  • Have further developed a life-long knowledge and enjoyment of music.  

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