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Neighborhood Service Specialist

The Neighborhood Service Specialist (NSS) is a full-time student selected to work in one or more of the Neighborhood Service Offices to provide customer service to residents and guests and perform administrative tasks to support hall staff as needed. The NSS position is an opportunity available for those that currently hold or have previously held an employment or leadership position in University Housing. Preference will be given to past Resident Assistants (previously Resident Mentors).

Our Mission

Residence Life co-creates a safe and welcoming environment by designing an intentional residential experience that encourages student success. We are committed to creating a sense of belonging through personal connections, building inclusive communities, cultivating a dynamic learning environment, and empowering student growth and resiliency. We call this home!


Minimum Qualifications for Selection and Continued Employment

  • Currently or previously in an employment or leadership position with University Housing
    - Due to conflict of interest, the NSS role and the SPURs role cannot be held at the same time.
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at USC - Columbia.
  • Have completed a minimum of one academic semester at the institution or have been a part of the Gateway Program provided by the institution.
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 USC cumulative GPA at all times.
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing.
  • Have an advanced level of maturity exhibited in sound judgment, emotional stability, flexibility, and willingness to accept responsibility.
  • Exhibit strong organizational and communication skills
  • Able to pass a criminal background check.


Position Responsibilities

  • Excellent organizational, verbal, and written communications skills.
  • Extensive computer knowledge including Microsoft Word, database software (Star Rez).
  • Customer service to students, parents and other stakeholders
  • Communication with resident(s) and staff via email as needed for various administrative tasks
  • Utilizing Building Resource Accounts in Star Rez
  • Upkeep and maintenance of keys/temp cards including regular Key/Card Audits and to facilitate lock change/card replacement
  • Respond to a student or facilities crisis through established protocols
  • Carry out administrative tasks related to resident assignments through established protocols included, but not limited to:
    • Conducting resident room inspections o Facilitate resident check ins/outs
    • Facilitating resident room change
    • Issuing temporary access cards/keys

Professionalism & Accountability

  • Timely, thorough, and accurate completion of administrative tasks
  • Demonstrate respectful verbal and non-verbal communication with others and refrain from inappropriate or offensive behaviors.
  • All communication (electronic, social media, written and verbal personal contact, guided tours, etc.) should be professional, presenting a positive and professional image of yourself and the University.
  • The position description is not an exhaustive list of tasks; other duties may be assigned to support the mission, vision, and goals of the department.

List of Neighborhood Office Locations and Communities Served:

  • Barnwell Neighborhood (Serving Capstone and Columbia Hall)
    • Located in Columbia Hall
  • Bates & Campus Village Neighborhood (Serving Bates House, Bates West and Campus Village)
    • Located in Campus Village 4
  • Blossom Neighborhood (Serving Park Place and 650 Lincoln)
    • Located at 650 Lincoln- Devine Building
  • Sumter Neighborhood (Serving Honors & McBryde)
    • Located in Honors
  • Quads Neighborhood (Serving Green Quad, South Quad and East Quad)
    • Located in Green Quad
  • Historic Neighborhood (Serving Horseshoe, Maxcy and Preston)
    • Located in Pinckney/LeGare
  • Bull Street Neighborhood (Serving Women’s Quad, Patterson and South Tower)
    • Located in the S-Wing of Women’s Quad

Additional Terms

1. Applicant must currently hold or have previously held an employment or leadership position with University Housing.

2. Adhere To:

  • Local, state, and federal laws
  • Student Code of Conduct and University Policies, as outlined by USC Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
    • Includes, but not limited to the following:
      • Will not provide alcohol to minors.
      • Will not consume alcohol if they are underage.
      • Will not consume alcohol before or while engaged in the duties of my position.
      • Will not consume, sell, trade, transfer, purchase or possess any illegal drugs.
  • All protocols, expectations, and guidelines set forth in university housing staff manuals and by supervisors

3. Being found in violation of the aforementioned will result in appropriate job action.

4. Promote and support responsible behavior among residents both on and off campus.

5. Cover desk, office, and other administrative hours on a weekly basis.

6. The Director of Residence Life at any time may require the Residence Life staff to assist with coordinated response to weather emergencies, major athletic events, pandemics, or other crisis situations that involve University Housing.

7. Accept financial responsibility for any equipment issued by the University during employment and replace or pay damages for loss of any item including, but not limited to, keys, manual or binder, nametag, and duty cell phone. NSS accepts full responsibility for the master key, sub-master keys/cards and/or any keys/cards issued to them in relation to the position. Master keys may only be used for official purposes which are directly related to job responsibilities. Upon termination of employment, the final paycheck may be withheld until all keys and materials are returned.

8. Failure to uphold these expectations will result in progressive corrective action by University Housing and may include documented conversations, written warnings, probation, suspension, and termination. Job accountability will be in alignment with a department-wide standard measure of accountability that will take into consideration the current action and past job performance. Being placed on academic probation and disciplinary probation will be terminated immediately. Measures of accountability within the NSS role could also have implications within this role.

9. There is no guarantee of being rehired. The employment agreement is renewable upon evaluation of continued satisfactory performance in the position as well as the successful completion of the rehire process for returning staff.

  • Must maintain a 2.5 UofSC system cumulative GPA at all times while employed inthe position.
  • Residence Life staff will use the GPA as reported by the Registrar’s Office at the end of each semester to determine eligibility for the position. At no
  • time will cumulative or semester GPAs be rounded up when considering candidates for hire and/or rehire. Specialists will not be allowed to use the
  • summer session or transfer classes to raise their GPA to the required standard. Only USC system GPA will be considered for GPA requirement.
  • Newly hired Neighborhood Specialists who do not have a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the conclusion of the semester preceding their employment will have
  • their NSS offer rescinded for failure to meet the academic requirement of the position.
  • Specialists whose semester and/or cumulative GPA fall below the requirements during the period of employment will be terminated.
  • A Specialist who is terminated for academic performance may be re-hired when the grade requirement is met based on available position vacancies.
  • Separation of employment occurs when an employee chooses to resign or is terminated.
    • In the event of resignation, the employee must send an email advising of the final date of employment and make plans with their supervisor(s) to return all work-related materials and complete any other relative tasks related to separating from the position.
      • Separation in this way will result in the employee being considered “in good standing” with the department and is eligible for rehire but must participate in the established returning selection process for the respective position.
  • In the event of termination, they will have a meeting with their supervisors(s) or appropriate authority and be sent a follow-up email. You will then make plans with your supervisor(s) to return all work-related materials and complete any other relative tasks related to separating from the position. Separation in this way will result in the employee not being considered “in good standing” with the department and will not be eligible fo rehire.


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