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Conference Center

Conference Center

Conference Center Phase One Event Guidelines

Limited Capacity

  • Campus Room: Events are limited to 50 participants
  • Spigner: Dining events are limited to 15 people in the main dining space. 
  • Carolina Room: Will only be available for the Fall Semester one week in advance of events and limited in capacity.

Event Guidelines

  • Full day rentals only, 1 event per day in Campus Room, Spigner House and Carolina Room.
  • Mandatory cleaning fee of $75 for each reservation for all event spaces.
  • Physical Distancing guidelines must be followed by groups booking in University spaces.
  • Bookings are limited to University of South Carolina groups only.  Phase 2 will allow for external University partner ship reservations.
  • Hand sanitation stations will provided for guests and is required upon entry
  • Face masks are mandatory at all events unless seated and dining with Horseshoe catering.
  • Spaces will be cleaned after each reservation.
  • Event venues will have a preset room layout and maximum capacity set per room requirements. No exceptions.  
  • Tables and chairs are arranged to best utilize space following social distancing and capacity guidelines.
  • Conference Staff will be available at the start of an event and on call after for emergencies. The Conference desk will not be occupied throughout the scheduled event.
  • Event Rooms are available 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.
  • Campus Room outside door will be access point for events. ADA guests can access Campus Room from main Capstone entrance.  Restrooms can beaccessed through lobby, all other Capstone areas are prohibited entry. 
  • Please be flexible, our event times will only be available within our staffing availability.

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