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Carolina Men's Community

Male students who are interested in building strong bonds within a brotherhood while developing leadership skills and pursuing their academic interests join this community.

At a Glance

  • Made up of male students
  • Students live in McBryde
  • Diverse activities like intramurals and community service


What makes this community different?

Students in this community have access to opportunities that will improve their experience at Carolina and prepare them for their careers after graduation.

  • Explore definitions of manhood through academics, personal development and civic engagement.
  • Focus on the four pillars of the community: brotherhood, excellence, integrity and leadership.
  • Gather within a tight-knit group of gentlement to talk about living a healthy life in body, mind and spirit.


Type of Community

Associated Community

These are smaller learning communities within residence halls focused on an area of study or student interest. Students in these communities will meet others who share their interests, and have unique opportunities to pursue those interests outside of the classroom.


Applying to Join This Community

Is this the living learning community for you?

Incoming Students: You'll apply as part of your housing application, available on Self-Service Carolina.

Returning Students: Applications open in October.