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Division of Human Resources

Leave Without Pay

While there are many reasons that employees would receive pay for approved leave, there are also times when it might be necessary to take leave without pay.

There may be times when it is unavoidable for employees to take time away from work without pay. And even though you may not receive pay while you are away from work, there are forms that must be completed, and a specific approval process that must be followed for approval.

How To Apply

Requests for leave without pay should be submitted to your department head for approval. If the request is for more than 10 consecutive calendar days, your department head must submit a written recommendation for approval to the Division of Human Resources.

Leave without pay requests will only by approved if your period of absence does not require a permanent replacement of your service. Except for good cause shown, leave without pay for personal reasons will not be granted until all available annual leave has been used.

To request leave without pay, please complete the following forms:

Once you return from your leave without pay, your department is required to complete the Request for Leave Without Pay/Return from Leave Without Pay (PBP-7-LWOP) [pdf].

Unauthorized Leave

If you do not receive authorization prior to your leave without pay, your absence may be charged as unauthorized leave, which may lead to appropriate disciplinary action. For more information about proper disciplinary procedures, please refer to the Workplace Issues section of this site. 

Please remember, employees should always obtain supervisory approval before taking any time away from work. All leave must be reported through the University’s time and attendance management system (ITAMS) or other applicable time recording system. For more information about entering time, or for additional details about leave without pay, please visit the Policies and Procedures section of this site.