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Division of Human Resources

Hosting and Hiring International Scholars

Hiring and hosting international scholars is an amazing way for university departments to introduce unique research perspectives and enhance your faculty and staff roster. Our staff will help you coordinate the process to avoid any barriers to recruiting successful candidates to your team.

When any University of South Carolina department is preparing for a prospective international employee or visitor, it is important for the Office for International Scholars (OIS) to be involved. We provide a variety of services including identifying appropriate forms, providing sample letters and ongoing support for you and the scholar both before and after arrival at the university.

Please contact us as soon as possible with the following information. It's as simple as defining who, what, when, where and how.

Who are they?

  • The scholar's full legal name as it appears on his or her passport, along with country of birth, country of citizenship, country of legal permanent residence and current contact information (phone and email).
  • The scholar's current location. If in the United States, what is his/her current U.S. immigration status? (Common categories can be found to the right).
  • The scholar's UofSC faculty supervisor/associate's name, phone and email.

What is their purpose at UofSC?

  • Common purposes include tenure-track faculty, non-tenure track faculty, research, sabbatical, conference, colloquium, collaboration and consultation. Please be as specific as possible.
  • If an international employee will be employed by UofSC1: The hiring unit must provide a detailed job description including title, duties and minimum requirements (i.e. degree, field of study, experience, etc.). Information should be extracted from the job ad and NOT from the credentials of a prospective international employee. Please email a copy of the job ad to our office and we'll be happy to help!
  • For tenure-track faculty: The hiring unit must document and retain search and recruitment efforts in detail including:
      • All advertisements (NOTE: an original, national print job ad is required; for additional online ads, evidence of ad text and posting dates are required. Office for International Scholars will provide templates and guidance.
      • Criteria used to screen applicants.
      • Specific job-related reasons why all other applicants were not as well-qualified as the international candidate.
      • All correspondence with applicants.

When is the desired start date and projected length of activity?

Due to federal agencies' processing timelines, for best results, please contact the Office for International Scholars at least 6 months prior to the desired start date. For tenure-track faculty candidates, the best practice is to include our office in the campus visit schedule.

Where will they be?

Will the scholar come to a UofSC campus, or participate in activity elswhere, such as an off-site conference, U.S. National Labs, etc.? Please include all proposed sites of activity.

How will your department support them financially?

Does the department plan to pay salary, honorarium, travel-related/per diem expenses or a consulting fee? If so, how much, for what purpose and for what lenth of time? If not, describe the source and amount of the scholar's support.


1NOTE: Per Federal law, employees must be physically present at the University of South Carolina no later than the appointment start date for I-9 employment eligibility verification. State Laws and a Federal Executive Order also require use of the DHS E-Verify system. All individuals working on Federal Contracts must be entered into E-Veriify. Failure to comply can result in fines and penalties to the university including debarment from Federal Contracts and ineligibility for the university to obtain employer sponsored work permits necessary to hire internationals.