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Division of Human Resources

Faculty Orientation

At the University of South Carolina, we are fortunate to have some of the most talented faculty in the world. Our commitment to research is evident, having received the highest designation by The Carnegie Foundation as an institution of very high research activity.

Faculty orientation, held twice annually, is not only an opportunity for new faculty to learn a little more about the university's processes, procedures and resources, but it's also a great way to meet other faculty members. These colleagues may serve as future collaborators or simply as additional support as you work to achieve your goals.


Twice a year, deans will receive a letter from the Provost requesting that they submit names of new faculty members. Those faculty who are identified will then receive an invitation to register for a specific orientation session.

Additional Resources

In addition to faculty orientation, the Center for Teaching Excellence offers a variety of useful tools and resources including:

  • "The First 100 Days" - A manual that addresses immediate questions.
  • Syllabus Templates - Calendar templates and course outline templates to prepare faculty members for the classroom.
  • Teaching Technology Assistance - Classes dedicated to helping faculty become familiar with Blackboard and other teaching technology.

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