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Division of Human Resources

Benefits Orientation for Transfer Employees

If you've transferred from one benefits-eligible State position to another, you've likely made all of the necessary insurance selections. However, to ensure a smooth transition with your coverage, there are a few simple steps that you must complete.


This orientation is designed for new benefits-eligible employees who have transferred to the University of South Carolina from the same type of benefits-eligible position they held with another participating State employer. This is not intended for UofSC employees in benefits-eligible positions who move from one UofSC department to another. For insurance and retirement purposes, a transfer employee needs to have changed employment that included insurance and/or retirement coverage without a break in service of more than 15 days or within the summer months for an academic employee.

If you are transferring to the School of Medicine or with one of our campuses outside of Columbia, the Human Resources Office on your campus [pdf] will be your primary resource for orientation. Please consult with them prior to completing this information, as their procedures may vary.

Most benefit options will remain the same for transfer employees, but some information is required to establish coverage with the university because UofSC has a separate payroll function. As a result, the Benefits Office provides this online resource to assist you in transitioning your benefits to the university. Carefully review the content presented and be prepared to finalize your benefit choices within seven days of your start date with the University of South Carolina.

The following information is in preparation for benefits-eligible employment and does not create a contract in the event benefits-eligible employment is not extended.

SC PEBA Insurance Enrollment 

If you are a transfer employee, benefit options must remain the same and cannot be altered. However, if your transfer coincides with an enrollment period (October), eligible changes may be made separate and apart from your initial transfer into the university’s system. To ensure that your enrollment into the university’s system is not delayed, please make certain your prior employer is aware of your transfer and has terminated your benefits, as the university will not be able to enroll you until this is done.

Please complete and fax the USC Transfer Employee Form to us at 803-777-1584.

Retirement Plan

Step 1: Complete the SCRS/PORS*/ORP Enrollment Form indicating a change of employer.

Step 2: Your beneficiaries will remain the same as listed on file with the SCRS. However, if you wish to make a change at this point, please complete one of the following forms based on your selection: 

  1. Active Member Beneficiary (Form 1102) (SCRS/PORS Pension Plan*) or
  2. State ORP Beneficiary (Form 1106).

*Note: Employees who are hired into certain qualifying positions are subject to participation in the Police Officers Retirement System (PORS). If this is your first time in PORS, both enrollment and beneficiary forms must be completed.

If you are a member of ORP, please contact your ORP vendor to determine what additional paperwork is necessary to notify them of your change of employer. Please refer to USC's ORP vendor list [pdf] for contact information.

Other UofSC Insurance Product Offerings

Discount Savings Programs

State of South Carolina employees are eligible to participate in the following discount savings programs.

  • PerksCard Program

    This program allows members to save on many everyday purchases and services from local and national vendors. Cards are distributed by UofSC’s Benefits Office and need to be registered at . For more information, visit the S.C. Department of Administration’s website or contact the Benefits Office at 803-777-6650.
  • WeSave Program

    Similar to the PerksCard Program, this program provides members discounts from local members, national chains and an online mall where you can earn up to 20 percent cash back with every purchase. To take advantage of these discounts, please visit the WeSave website and create a username and password or visit the S.C. Department of Administration’s website for more information.  
  • TicketsatWork Program

    This program offers discounts, special offers and access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more. To take advantage of these discounts, visit TicketsatWork, click on “Become a Member” and create a username and password using your personal email address. When prompted, enter the company code SCDSHR. For more information, please visit the S.C. Department of Administration’s website or contact TicketsatWork at 1-800-331-6483. 

Visit the benefits section of our website to learn about other family-friendly privileges and unique discount opportunities that are designed exclusively for UofSC employees.

Drug-Free Workplace

The Drug-Free Workplace policy [pdf] details the university’s guidelines and expectations regarding the abuse of drugs and alcohol in conjunction with employment at the university.