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Division of Human Resources


If I took the workshop EPMS for Supervisors previously, does this meet the requirement of the Managing Employee Performance Using EPMS course?

If you took EPMS for Supervisors prior to July 2013, it does not count toward the LEAD requirement unless you also took the course Managing Employee Performance. The EPMS for Supervisors and Managing Employee Performance workshops were combined in 2013 and new content was added.

If I attended a shortened version (or refresher) of one of the LEAD or LEAD 2 courses, does this satisfy the course requirement?

Shortened preview sessions have been provided to departments; however, these sessions do not count toward the LEAD or LEAD 2 requirements. Shortened versions often omit significant sections of the full workshops and key concepts are not covered.

I had to leave a LEAD or LEAD 2 course early; will I still receive credit for attending?

To meet the requirements of LEAD or LEAD 2, you must attend the entire class. Employees are expected to arrive on time, and stay until the course is completed. However, we will consider individual situations on a case-by-case basis.

Are the LEAD or LEAD 2 courses available to take online for everyone?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, one LEAD course is available for extended campus supervisors periodically. Please visit the Organizational and Professional Development class list by subject page and select webinar from the drop down menu to view available sessions and register. This webinar option is reserved for extended campuses only, in order to reduce cost and travel time for those employees and is not currently available to Columbia campus faculty and staff.

Will instructors travel to extended campuses to facilitate LEAD courses? 

Yes, we will be happy to set up a time for your campus as long as there are at least 10 participants. Organizational and Professional Development has delivered LEAD courses for USC Aiken, Beaufort, Upstate and Union. 

Are there any costs associated with any of the LEAD or LEAD 2 courses?

There is not a cost associated with LEAD or LEAD 2 courses at this time. Currently there is only one professional development course that has a charge which is entitled MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Insight into Personality, but this class is not part of the LEAD or LEAD 2 series of courses.

Where can I find a record of my LEAD or LEAD 2 attendance?

You may log into your training account to view your training record for LEAD and LEAD 2 courses. Use the Certificate of Completion Checklist [pdf] to help keep track of your progress. Please note, in order to log into this system you must have already created a training account. If you need training records prior to December, 2013, please contact the Organizational and Professional Development Office by emailing or calling 803-777-6575. 

As a supervisor, how can I obtain a record of my employee's LEAD or LEAD 2 training?

The best approach to obtain your employee's training record is to request it directly from the employee. The record that the employee can provide will be identical to the record that we have available. This approach avoids receiving more complex, and difficult to read reports. You may also find it helpful to track your employee's progress by using the Certificate of Completion Checklist [pdf].

If I do not supervise staff, or only supervise students can I still attend LEAD courses?

Yes, but attendance is based on space availability. If you manage students, you may be interested in taking the course Managing Student Employees. Please visit the Organizational and Professional Development calendar to check availability and register.

Can I take a LEAD 2 course if I have not finished LEAD?

Yes, you may. Non-supervisors may also attend LEAD 2 courses, if space is available.

When will I receive my certificate of completion for LEAD or LEAD 2?

Certificates of completion for LEAD (Supervisory Essentials) are mailed out once a month. You can expect to receive your certificate the month following completing the LEAD series. Employees are expected to monitor their own progress toward completion of LEAD 2 (Effective Management Programs). You can monitor your progress by logging in and viewing your training records. Use the Certificate of Completion Checklist [pdf] to help keep track of your progress. 

Will I be recognized for completing the LEAD or LEAD 2 series of courses?

Of course! We recognize all LEAD graduates once a month in the Organizational and Professional Development newsletter. You can expect to be recognized the month following your completion date.