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Division of Human Resources

Training Classes

You have either been assigned to required training, or you have identified a class that you would like to attend in order to enhance your on-the-job skills and knowledge. Now what? 

Finding and registering for training classes is easy and accessible to all of our employees. By creating an account in the training system, your records will be at your fingertips. Not only can you easily register for multiple events, but you can also track registrations, receive reminders and updates and manage continuing education.

How to Register for a Course

To access the training system, you will need to register for your first course, which will prompt you to create a new account. You will only be able to create an account by registering for a course. 

Please remember, employees should always obtain supervisory approval to attend training courses offered through Organizational and Professional Development.

Step 1: Browse the classes that are available.

Browse our calendar or class list by subject to make your selections.

Step 2: Make your selections.

Whether you are viewing the classes in calendar format or by subject, click on the class title or link for the training class that you wish to attend. This will bring up a page that includes the name of the course, date, time, description and other details.

Step 3: Click “Register Now” to access the login screen.

Click on the “Register Now” link that appears on the course description page. Once you click to register, it will bring you to the registration page. If you have not set up an account, please click on the sentence “[click here] to create an account and register.” 

If you have already set up an account, you will be permitted to enter your University email and password to log into the system.

Step 4: Create a new account and/or log in.

Enter your information in the required fields, and submit your registration.

Once you complete these four steps, you will be registered to use the training system, and you will receive a welcome email that includes your login, password and a link to access the system for future registrations.