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Human Resources and Payroll Project

Project Success Factors

Throughout development of the new HR/Payroll system, several factors have been key to maintaining a coordinated, collaborative approach.

An Effective Integrator

IBM serves as integrator for the project, bringing a proven methodology that emphasizes communication and accountability. The approach has been tailored to fit the needs of the university and the project at hand.

Proactive Change Management

The project's Change Management Team began with outreach to all of the campuses and institutions, communicating about the project and new system while gathering input and responding to questions. With the approach of go-live in April 2019, the team is focused on communication and training.  

Collaboration in Action

On the project team, people from different functional areas and work groups routinely work together as one. Beyond the project team, additional staff from across the university system have been involved in design reviews, testing, demonstration sessions, and more. Nearly 100 people are involved as change agents in their work areas. This is truly a unified effort.

Advisory Group

An Advisory Group has served throughout the project as a communication hub and sounding board. The leaders who make up this group communicate and advocate for change as they share information about the project.

Human Resources and Payroll Project

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