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Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Students learn about issues related to social justice

Social Justice Program

A collaborative space for students to feel comfortable learning about issues of social justice.

Apply for the Program

The Social Justice Program is free and open to all students at the University of South Carolina.


What is the program?

The Social Justice Program (SJP) is a certificate program through the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs designed to increase students’ knowledge about issues related to social justice, and to combat bias and discrimination all over the world. Participants engage in experiences related to social justice and diversity, including:

  • Experiential learning
  • Seminar-style readings and dialogues
  • Advanced readings in topics such as:
    • Feminist Theory
    • Critical Race Theory
    • Intersectionality
    • Queer Theory
    • Womanism
    • Power, Privilege and Oppression
  • Research Projects
  • Service Learning Projects

Program Sessions

The program includes three sessions. Each session is 12 hours of training over six bi-weekly sessions. 

Outside the Classroom Requirement

Participants must also attend two experiences beyond the classroom. Options include: 

  • Safe Zone Ally Training
  • Day of Service (at an approved site)
  • Carolina Intercultural Training
  • Workshop Development and Presentation
  • Suicide Prevention Training
  • Diversity Retreat
  • Diversity Dialogue
  • Civil Rights Tour

Final Workshop

During the last workshop of the semester, Advocate-level participants give a workshop regarding a local or regional nonprofit and all participants engage in a collaborative arts-based activity.


Program Levels and Topics

Ally (Level 1)
  • Identity
  • Privilege
  • Social Justice Philosophy
  • Combating Bias
Advocate (Level 2)
  • A Community of Respect
  • Community Building
  • Working in Solidarity with Communities
  • Keeping Current with Social Justice Trends
  • Research Project
Activist (Level 3)
  • Historical and Contemporary Visions of Campus and Youth Activism
  • Philosophy and Ethics of Activism
  • State House Tour
  • Service Learning Project