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Orientation leader holding college sign

Student Leadership

Each year, hundreds of students apply to represent the University of South Carolina as orientation leaders. We strive to assemble a dynamic team of students who are passionate about our university and eager to share that spark with the newly-initiated.

Orientation Team

The University of South Carolina Orientation Team is comprise of undergraduate students who are selected through a competitive interview process to serve as role models for incoming Gamecocks. They take on the responsibility of representing the University of South Carolina for over 6,500 new students and nearly 6,000 family members. The Orientation Team consist of Orientation Leaders, Returner Orientation Leaders and Team Leaders.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Team Leaders are responsible for a variety of tasks during orientation and heavily involved in recruitment, selection and training of Orientation Leaders. 


Meet Our Returner Orientation Leaders

By helping to create and execute programming that engages new students, returner Orientation Leaders are integral to the continuing development of the New Student Orientation program.