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Carolina Core and USC Connect Receive National Recognition

The University of South Carolina has received the 2014 Association for General and Liberal Studies Exemplary Program Processes Award in Co-Curricular General Education Learning. The award recognizes USC's success in building on the nine learning outcomes of the Carolina Core (our general education curriculum) by adding a "tenth dimension": Student learning through beyond the classroom experiences (USC Connect).

The AGLS award recognizes innovative and systematic efforts to use co-curricular activities to accomplish the goals of general education and highlights programs that can be used as a practical model for other institutions.

View USC's winning application for the award [pdf].

From the Association for General and Liberal Studies:

The Association for General and Liberal Studies is the national organization whose mission is singularly committed to quality general education programs and their central role in the liberal education of students.

National and international education officials, accreditors, and faculty leaders increasingly associate "quality" education with student learning outcomes and continuous quality improvement processes. Moving away from the view of education as a simple act of passing a static body of knowledge from faculty to students, they value education practiced as a commitment to a set of collectively-practiced, ongoing activities...