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Office of the Provost

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About USCreativity

Why Creativity?

With so many great values to choose from, why celebrate creativity?

Personal Success
The very nature of work is changing, and quickly. While most people alter the specifics of WHAT they do many times over a career, the ability to innovate and solve complex problems is paramount to almost every industry. In addition, activities like managing time, raising a family, and designing a fulfilling existence all require a healthy dose of creativity.

Community Success
Creative capacity transforms communities: cities, states, organizations, interest groups, families of all sizes. How else will they access new opportunities while combating wicked challenges?

University Success
As the world changes, higher education must adapt in order to remain relevant, or even sustainable. Therefore, it is critical to foster a nimble, collaborative, innovative culture, constantly reimagining itself.  

But Why a University Focus?

The notion of coalescing behind a specific value — any value — is exciting and noteworthy.

Universities have a reputation for “excellence in silos;” people doing their specific thing very well behind their closed door. And there are clearly benefits to this focused, deep expertise.

But innovation is rarely about reinventing the wheel. More often, it requires taking an idea from one place and applying it elsewhere. Spotting new opportunities may only become possible when stepping outside of the bubble and exploring unfamiliar terrain.

One of the great things about being part of a comprehensive university is the access it provides to a huge range of resources and specialties. To benefit, however, it is necessary to expose yourself to other ideas and systems. Unifying behind a collective institutional value encourages stakeholders to do just that.

A university-wide focus tells a powerful story about what we believe, to ourselves and the world. It also invites community members to become part of something bigger than themselves. Individually, UofSC is filled with incredible human beings. Together, we can achieve the remarkable.

Our Goals

What does success look like?

Goals of USCreativity include:

  1. Showcasing and building on creative efforts that already exist
  2. Cultivating a greater culture of innovation across UofSC
  3. Promoting interdisciplinary thinking and creative problem-solving
  4. Impacting students, staff, and faculty representing every UofSC school and beyond
  5. Fostering underexplored interdisciplinary connections
  6. Telling a positive story that distinguishes UofSC locally, regionally, and nationally

Throughout the year, we aim to engage every college and unit across campus in at least one way, interfacing with students, staff, and faculty.

USCreativity was charged by President Pastides and supported by the Office of the Provost.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.