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Office of the Provost

Creativibe, think outside the coop.

Inspiration Talks

Powerhouse TED-like talks on living a creative and fulfilling life.
Presentations are 10-minutes maximum, and presented by UofSC faculty, staff, and students.

Venue: Journalism 106

How to Become a Millionaire
1:20 - 1:30 p.m. | Augie Grant - Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
This interactive presentation gives attendees the insight needed to become a millionaire, with an emphasis on behavior changes that produce wealth. Participants will gain insight into budgeting, work habits, credit and time management.

Creative Ways to Change the World
1:40 - 1:50 p.m. | Florencia Cornet - Faculty, Intercultural Inclusion and Diversity Learning
Saying, thinking and doing what you want can provide tools to change the world. How might we "activate wants" in the name of social change?

Taming the Daily Chaos
2:00 - 2:10 p.m. | Janet Hudson - Professional Life Coach
Chaos might show up in your home, office, car, or inbox. But have you also noticed its role in your mind as confusion, anxiety, and even fear? Learn the three flexible strategies for taming chaos so you can experience life with more calm and focus.

Comedy as a Tool for Social Justice
2:20 - 2:30 p.m. | Blake Weiss - Coordinator, Department of Student Life
“La risa es el lenguaje del alma.” – Pablo Neruda. Laughter is the language of the soul. This talk explores the unique ways comedy can play a role in bringing people together to inspire empathy, create change and have a good laugh.  

Traveling the World on a Dime
2:40 - 2:50 p.m. | William Pruitt - Assistant Director, Global Collaborations
Discover cost effective ways to travel internationally, including tricks for minimizing airfare, lodging, tourism and unexpected costs.

Creative Schmoozing
3:00 - 3:10 p.m. | Louis Dessau - Employer Relations, Darla Moore School of Business
Creative Schmoozing is the art of innovating how you establish contact and develop a network. Learn ideas on reaching out to strangers.

Haunted Places at UofSC
3:20 - 3:30 p.m. | Preston Strenth - Student Ambassador
Take a journey down the darker side of the Horseshoe, hear about those who walked these very halls, and some say they still do...

Creative Career Approaches
3:40 - 3:50 p.m. | Kasie Whitener - Entrepreneurship Instructor, Darla Moore School of Business
Career creativity means adopting a choose-your-own-adventure approach: the decisions you make, the resources will acquire, the path you take. With no road map, you blaze your own trail.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.