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Call for Project Proposals

Interdisciplinary collision. Groundbreaking art. Virtual reality, robots, and artificial intelligence. These are but a few of the creative expressions you might experience at Creativibe.

Presented by USCreativity, Creativibe (March 22, 2019) is an unprecedented event showcasing creativity, experimentation and innovation across the University of South Carolina.

We seek broad participation from a variety of schools, disciplines, communities and clubs, including:

  • Performances - 5-10 minute acts or presentations.
  • Exhibits - Fixed displays highlighting creative exploration.
  • Workshops - Interactive sessions cultivating skills and perspectives.
  • Imagine your own - Let us know your ideas.

Creativibe Themes

Proposals should be related to one of the following six themes. 

  1. Technological Innovations. What new technology is being explored across USC?
  2. Solving Community Problems. Which creative solutions are being tested to address important challenges facing SC and beyond?
  3. Health Innovations. What exciting developments are impacting health care and personal wellness?
  4. Future Predictions. In the year 2030, how do you imagine work, education, play, and other parts of life will look?
  5. Creativity Explored. What exactly is creativity, and how can it be cultivated?
  6. Creativity in Practice. Whether through the arts, culture, business, or lifestyle, how have you put creativity to work in your life?


  1. Share your creativity with a large, diverse audience
  2. Be part of a university-wide story
  3. Compete for awards (grand prize: $1000)

Submit a project proposal by Friday, November 30, 2018 for priority consideration.  The application form (below) can be completed in under 10 minutes. Current faculty, staff and students are eligible to apply.

Creativibe is part of USCreativity, a yearlong celebration of innovation, exploration, and BIG ideas across USC.

What’s your #USCreativity?

Please direct questions and suggestions to Elizabeth Murray:

Creativibe Proposal Application