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  • A small group listens thoughtfully while standing before a whiteboard

USCreativity Meetings

What if meetings were highly anticipated, interactive, deeply meaningful experiences?

Let’s be honest. Few people feel a giddy sense of anticipation when hearing the word MEETING. Most meetings are characterized by one presenter broadcasting information to an (adoring but mostly passive) audience. The content may or may not be relevant, but it is rarely inspiring.

Though this kind of gathering is necessary at times, there is another way! When your people convene, isn’t this the ideal time to strengthen community, address meaningful problems, and tap into the collective creative genius?

During USCreativity, we challenge leaders at all levels to offer at least one interactive, engaging meeting. Whether participants are faculty, staff, students, administration, alumni, or community members, the point is to get active and stimulate the imagination. You’ll know it was successful if attendees emerge energized and empowered, eager to attend the next meeting.

Here are just a few formats you may wish to incorporate:

Provocative questions.
Grapple with open-ended questions such as: Why? What if? How? What then?

Argue competing positions about the implications of an uncommon, radical action that would distinguish your program regionally, nationally, or internationally.

Idea generation.
Brainstorm a long list of innovative solutions that set your unit apart.

Design challenge.
Work on teams to solve an organizational puzzle, large or small.

Interactive workshopping.
Teach attendees a new a skill or perspective.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.