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USCreativity Training

How can we amplify the frequency of creative, collaborative problem-solving across campus?

UofSC Facilitation Deep Dive

During the week of May 14, 2018, 30 USC faculty and staff participated in Facilitation Deep Dive, a train-the-trainer workshop addressing collaborative, creative problem solving. Following two days of interactive classes on human-centered design, attendees directly applied what they learned as co-facilitators of The Great Gamecock Design Challenge, where they were joined by 60 additional collaborators. During the final day, attendees mapped professional design challenged for upcoming projects related to teaching, research, service, or an academic unit.

Throughout this experience, participants examined strategies for:

  • Transforming complex problem solving in career and life
  • Cultivating more collaborative environments
  • Generating more creative solutions
  • Committing to ideas
  • Becoming a great facilitator (and how that differs from teaching)
  • Building buy in
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Keeping meetings focused
  • Catalyzing a more innovative culture across campus over the long-term
  • Designing a personal design challenge

David Cutler, Director of USCreativity, designed and led this week alongside thought leaders Lance LaDuke and Patti Dobrowoski.

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