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Office of the Provost

  • A woman sketches a bus with markers

USCreativity Week

What would the impact be if our entire university unified behind a shared value for one week?

As a comprehensive, flagship university, UofSC boasts an incredible breadth of expertise. Yet creativity touches every discipline.  

During the week of Feb 18-22, 2019, all teaching faculty are invited to devote one class period to exploring how creativity intersects with course content. This might mean studying how creative thinking has historically shaped the topic, or challenging students to thinking differently by exploring unfamiliar, unconventional solutions for the future.

Beyond the intrinsic value of such lessons, the act of a large university faculty connecting to a common theme is powerful. It tells a story about a value, while emphasizing that we are stronger when working together than in silos.  

Our goal is to have broad participation from across campus, representing every college and a high percentage of faculty. Participating is easy. 

Be a part of this USCreativity story!

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.