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Celebrating Innovation, Exploration, & BIG Ideas
May 2018 – June 2019

‘Tis the year for UofSC
To celebrate creativity.
Whoever you are, whatever you do
You can find a savvy breakthrough.

Innovators know the best suggestions
Emerge from more intriguing questions.
Not just what, or where, or when,
But why, what if, and how—what then?

Take a chance, find affirmation
When you embrace collaboration.
Leave your lane, step outside the box,
Pursue the absurd, my fellow Gamecocks!

David Cutler
Director of USCreativity

Creativity is about breaking boundaries.

It requires walking the tightrope, taking a chance, and challenging status quo. In a world marked by exponential change and disruptive technology, creativity is perhaps the most important 21st century skill.

Celebrating innovation, exploration, and BIG ideas, USCreativity is a university-wide initiative designed to promote uncommon exploration and collaboration. Highlighting existing projects, introducing new ones, and encouraging bold experimentation, we aim to unify the Gamecock community of 40,000 behind this shared and collective goal. Whether you are student, staff, or faculty, please get involved and stretch your imagination!

How can I become part of this story?

Join the movement! Regardless of your school affiliation or role on campus, challenge yourself to participate in at least one of the many USCreativity initiatives this year.

USCreativity’s premiere program involves transforming a used bus into an immediately recognizable mobile space that cultivates creative problem-solving around important challenges facing SC. Each phase involves interdisciplinary teams and uncommon collaboration. 

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Our official book, A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger, addresses how better inquiries lead to breakthrough ideas.

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Highlighted events include Leadership Week, TedX UofSC, a student organization retreat, entrepreneurship competitions, numerous design challenges, and a performance event featuring creative expressions from across campus.

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A database of creative activity (teaching, research, space, collaboration, etc) inventories pursuits already occurring at UofSC.

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Our social media campaign involves creative inspiration, celebration, and challenges.

University-wide contests involve creative photos, creative spaces, and creative projects. Claim a prize!

UofSC communications will spotlight creative activity across campus on a regular basis. Find stimulus from colleagues.

During Feb 18-22, all teaching faculty are invited to devote one class period to exploring how creativity intersects with course content. The goal is to have broad participation from across campus, celebrating this collective value.

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Rather than having a single presenter address a crowd, leaders are challenged to organize interactive meetings that incorporate a team-based, problem-solving format for at least one session.

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How might we amplify impact of this year? Please send your thoughts to a USCreativity representative


Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.