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Office of the Provost

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Committee Membership

Membership Requirement

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues is charged with representing a diverse group of women, faculty, staff and students. Committee membership should include faculty, staff and graduate students for three year terms. In order to support the tenure and promotion of women faculty, assistant professors are normally not appointed. Members are invited by the Office of the Provost to serve on the committee.


Diversity in Leadership

Discusses BFSA’s collaboration with PACWI regarding professional development for women and other minority faculty and staff to access employment opportunities in higher level university administration. 2013-2014 Chair: Xavery Hopkins

Mentoring and Professional Development

Promotes professional association and promotion among university women to reduce isolation and create a fertile atmosphere to exchange ideas. 2013-2014 Chair: Marguerite O’Brien

Women's Leadership Institute (WLI)

Reviews past conference evaluations, the current state of the university and plans and implements a conference focused on issues relevant to women. 2013-2014 Chair: Mary Alexander


Explores how technology can increase opportunities for women. 2013-2014 Chair: Aisha Haynes

Review of New and Existing Policy

Reviews and revises existing policies that affect women faculty and staff, and develops proposals for new policies in order to improve the university environment for women. 2013-2014 Chair: Robin Dipietro

Women Graduate Students (WGS)

Explores ways in which USC can better support female graduate students and improve the overall experience of female graduate students at the university. 2013-2014 Chair: Danielle Schoffman