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UofSC Faculty Author Spotlight

Steven Taylor earned B.S. in Sport and Entertainment Management in 2006 and a Masters of Sport and Entertainment Management in 2007.  In 2008, he was hired for an Internship Director's position and is currently in the middle of his 13th year.

Book Title
Starting Your Career in Sport, Entertainment, and Venue Management

Every organization in sport, entertainment, and venue management struggles to find employees who "get it." Very few have any idea of what working in this industry is really like. Even fewer are willing to put in the effort required.

Starting Your Career in Sport, Entertainment, & Venue Management helps readers to identify numerous career paths, some they never knew about, and describe some of the duties of each job.

This publication guides readers step-by-step to prepare them to compete for the scarce and desirable jobs in the sport, entertainment, venue management industry. The content tells readers not just what to do but how to do it in a way professionals value. 

  • Gives graduating students an understanding of what it means to work in this dynamic industry and develop the necessary aptitude and attitude to reduce turnover.
  • Walks readers through building their resume with volunteer and short-term opportunities to the internships that will allow them to compete in the industry.
  • Includes an introduction to the industry, the benefits of experiential/internship experience, preparation and searching tips for landing an internship, and advice on how to build on the valuable internship experience.
  • Features advice from industry professionals, chapter summaries, scenarios, and social media editing techniques to prepare future professionals.

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