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Office of the Provost

Provost Grants

Internal Grants

The number of awards is contingent on the number and quality of funding applications received and approved as well as the amount requested and allocated per application. The review committee will submit a ranked list of proposals recommended for funding to the provost and may recommend changes in funding amount with justification.


Application Considerations

Any publication resulting from a funded project should acknowledge support from the University of South Carolina Provost’s Grant Program. Equipment, books, documents, microfilm, etc., purchased with grant funds are the property of the USC and should be retained by the grantee’s department upon completion of the research project.

Scholarly research for the preparation of a manuscript for a book will be considered by the review committee. Textbook preparation will not be considered.

Proposal Submission

Completed proposal packets must be submitted through USCeRA. Follow the application procedure: title page, three-page proposal narrative, supporting documentation, pending and current support form, Excel budget form and detailed budget justification are all required. For more, see the USCeRA submission instructions.


Budget amounts should be stated as accurately as possible. All fringe benefits costs must be in accordance with published university rates and will be adjusted as appropriate. The budget justification should provide sufficient detail of how the request will support the project.  All expenditures must be in accordance with state and university regulations, policies and procedures.

Post Award and Reporting Requirements

Upon receipt of the award letter, consult with your department business manager to establish an account. The final report should be submitted to Mary Alexander ( no later than 90 days after the grant is completed. View the full guidelines for post award reporting.