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Office of the Provost

Internal Awards

Clinical Practice Teaching Award

Each year the University of South Carolina recognizes two faculty members for outstanding clinical teaching, practice, advising and mentoring of health science students. Full-time, professional track faculty members who have taught clinical practice courses at UofSC for at least three years may be nominated or self-nominated.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Full-time, professional track faculty members who have taught clinical practice courses at UofSC for at least three years.

Nomination Process

Nominations will be accepted from students, faculty, department chairs and deans from the colleges of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health and social work.  Self nominations are also accepted. A nomination form including a brief memo or letter stating the reasons the individual is being nominated for the award should be submitted. A letter from the nominee’s dean or chair attesting that the nominator is from an eligible college/school and that the nominee has actively participated in clinical practice teaching for each of the past three years should be sent to the Office of the Provost. Nominees will then be contacted by the Office of the Provost and requested to submit the materials below.

Nomination Deadline

Nominations are due by Dec. 12, 2021 to the Office of the Provost.

Required Materials for Nominee's file

  1. A vita which includes faculty rank and status.
  2. A narrative which summarizes the candidate's philosophy of teaching, involvement in clinical teaching and practice, advising and mentoring of health science students.
  3. A summary from a chair or colleague summarizing clinical teaching, research, advisement, mentoring activities and awards. Suggestions for two-page summary:
    1. Course or program development such as courses taught/developed, program development or revision, clinical instructional materials developed for students and/or uses of current and emerging technologies
    2. Advisement and career counseling such as development of advisement materials, awards or recognitions
    3. Research or independent study supervision such as nature and quality of student performance, nature and quality of supervision and/or nature and quality of outcomes or products
    4. Mentoring and instructional support to colleagues and teaching assistants, excerpts of letters from those assisted and/or description of support offered
    5. Research and writing in the clinical discipline or profession (and related specifically to teaching) such as: publications, seminars, presentations, video or other technology- based productions, portfolios, exhibits, concerts, etc.
    6. Delivery of clinical instruction, syllabi, course requirements and/or assessment approaches
    7. Evaluation of student learning, student generated products and/or examples of completed assignments
    8. Awards for clinical teaching and advising

Submission Deadline

Documentation provided by the nominee is due to the Office of the Provost by Feb. 4, 2022. Application files are to be submitted electronically to the Office of the Provost.

Selection Process

The selection committee will make a recommendation to the provost, who will select the winner. The winners will be awarded at the spring Faculty Awards Ceremony.

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