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Office of the Provost

Beyond The Classroom Matters Catalog


Description - Describes how students engage, what they do, reflecting the nature and depth of the program/experience.


Term - The semester in which the activity occurs


Category - Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) category with which this engagement activity is most closely aligned, from the perspective of the student in the activity.

Campus Label

Campus Label - Type of purposeful activity, as defined across units


Division - University organization


Department - University organization

Special Designation

Special Designation - Engagement has a special designation based on review of educational purpose and intentional design.

Time on Task

Time on Task - Amount of time that a student engages in this activity (including orientation/training, supervision/feedback, reflection on learning).

Participation Entry

Participation Entry - Extent to which participation is restricted (e.g., minimum GPA, classification)

Minimum Credit Hours

Minimum Credit Hours - Number of credit hours or years in college required to participate in this activity

Minimum GPA

Minimum GPA - Minimum GPA required to participate in this activity

Other Requirements

Other Requirements - Additional requirements to participate in this activity


Expectations - How expectations are communicated to students about how they will engage in this program

Active Learning

Active Learning - What students do; the nature or type of the engagement, that is expected to contribute to their learning


Knowledge/Skills - Knowledge applied and/or skills practiced by students as they engage in this activity

Interacts With

Interacts With - With whom students directly interact, as they engage in this activity


Diversity - Extent to which student learning about diversity is included in program structure


Feedback - How and from whom students receive feedback on their engagement in this program


Reflection - How, and with whom, students engage in reflection on their learning while engaged in this activity

Program Website

Program Website - For additional information, go to the unit website.


Rubric - Describes specific expectations for student involvement in the activity


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