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PC Exchange Listserv

The PC Exchange Listserv was created to ensure that university computers, software and hardware can be maximized before sending them to salvage. The listserv informs all departments of available resources so that good equipment can still be put to use within the university.

How It Works

Anyone at UofSC can join the listserv and input their items to the pcxchg-l listserv as well as request for needed items. Types of items that will be posted on the listserv:

  • computers
  • software
  • hardware
  • other computer items 

Any other items will NOT be sent or posted using this listserv. 

Condition of Items

Please do not post any items that do not work to the listserv. Items that are no longer functional need to be turned into Consolidated Services at 925 Gadsden Street. For more information, call 803-777-3114.

Notifying Other Departments

If you just received new PCs and you have older working PCs, printers and/or monitors and software that need to be turned into Consolidated Services, please use the Listserv first to notify those departments that could use those needed items.

Use USC Inventory Form 7 [pdf] to record your transfer and be sure to complete the following information:

  • Listing Item, Model, Manufacturer Serial Number, USC number, From Bldg Nr., Room Nr., To Bldg Nr. Room Nr., Reason, and condition of item(s)
  • Each Form 7 will have the name, department number and fund account, of both the releasing (top of form) and receiving department (bottom of form). A total of three copies of the form will be needed, with one provided to each of the following:
    • one copy to the releasing department
    • one copy to the receiving department
    • one copy to Consolidated Services (FAX 777-3149 or 777-9059).

Consolidated Services needs to know where all equipment is at all times for auditing purposes.


Joining the Listserv

Subscribe to the PC Exchange Email Listserv to stay informed of any information regarding any PC exchanges.

To subscribe to this email listing:

  1. You only need to fill in two blocks, the TO: block and the Message: block (subject block does not need to be filled in).
    • For Mailbox users use:
    • Put in the Message block: sub pcxchg-l email address firstname lastname
    • Send the email message. This will add you to the list and you should get a confirmation through your email system.
  2. Once you receive your confirmation message, you can get a list of all the individuals that have subscribed to thelistserv by sending an email message with the following:
    1. In the TO: block enter:
      (for Mailbox users enter:
    2. In the Message: block enter: review pcxchg-l
    3. Then send the message. A subject is not required.


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