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University Registrar

Bulk Email Request

This page is intended for use by faculty and staff who need to send a bulk email as part of a job responsibility. Relevant policies and procedures as well as the request form are included on this page.

The University of South Carolina supports the legitimate need for its academic and service units to communicate electronically with large groups of students while complying with University policies, State and Federal laws, and prudent computing practices. Services are provided to facilitate the secure distribution of mass emails to students, but restrictions are necessary in order to protect resources and to prevent diminished effectiveness of the service. General announcements not targeting specific populations should not be sent via mass email. Generally, the larger the intended audience, the more significant the content of a mass e-mail must be. Mass email distributions to students must be sponsored by a University official in accordance with data access and privacy of educational records policies.


  1. Emergency broadcast notices are made to students in accordance with the University’s Emergency Management plan. Visit the Carolina Alert website for more information.
  2. General announcements may be made to all students using the Student Message Delivery system or the Announcement list.
  3. Bulk notices may be sent by University officials to students via the university email system under the following conditions:
      1. the communication is a component in the conduct of official university business
      2. the communication does not violate any federal law, state law, or University policy.
      3. the communication is not for commercial solicitation (see HR 1.48 and STAF 3.17) or general event promotional purposes
      4. the communication is sponsored and approved by a University official at the director level or above
      5. the University official sponsoring the communication has legitimate educational access to the data used to select the population
      6. The maximum number of recipients for any single message sent to the University email system is 499. (NOTE: The Division of Information Technology will provide bulk email services for 500 or more, and will provide enhanced email features. For more information, visit their website


Request Form

To request bulk email distribution, complete the form below by providing your name and email address, the title and text of the message, and the purpose and intended audience for the distribution.