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Student Affairs and Academic Support

Feb. 9, 2022 Minutes


  • Michelle Bryan
  • Julian Williams
  • Kirsten Kennedy
  • Silvia Patricia Rios Husain
  • Alicia Bervine
  • Ray DeJesus
  • Shay Malone
  • Shanna Robinson
  • Zo Sediqi
  • Kaitlin Yoffie
  • Debbie Grabski

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partnership

  • The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion need partners across the university.  Student Affairs is a natural partnership.
  • Keys to creating an equitable campus, include:
    • Intentionality
    • Resource investment
    • Accountability
    • Infrastructure
    • Prioritization
    • Long term goals
    • Internal and external expertise
  • The Council of Academic Diversity Officers was started in 2015 under Provost Joan Gabel.  Each college or school has a diversity officer.  Diversity officers develop and implement unit-level strategic plans for diversity and inclusion.
  • Standardizing HR practices for recruitment, onboarding, and retention of diverse workforce.  Ensuring robust pool of candidates for all positions.  Student Affairs will set the standard and then be a model for other departments.
  • Inventory assessment
  • Low hanging fruit – quick and early wins
  • Idea sharing
  • Strive for Inclusive Excellence
  • Professional development and training around DEIA.  Expect it and reward it.  Opportunities to achieve professional development.  Building the expectations into Position Descriptions and EPMS.


  • Kirsten will be meeting with Dr. Sue Rankin, President of Rankin & Associates Consulting, LLC, this afternoon to discuss climate assessment options.
  • Kirsten & Silvia Patricia will meet with Dr. Dennis Pruitt and Stacey Bradley on a regular basis to update them on the council’s work and to seek continued input and guidance.
  • What can we learn from the UofSC Community Insights Study?
  • Need to develop consistent messaging.

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