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Student Disability Resource Center

Request Accommodations

Students are subject to the syllabus and absences policies of each class. If you're having trouble making classes or completing work due to your disability, speak with your instructors, and complete the appropriate request form for accommodations.

Although decisions regarding accommodations are made on a case by case basis, review some of the accommodations that are most often provided.

Request Forms

Please speak with your professor about your registration with our office and your accommodations before submitting requests. Professor consent is often required before any accommodations are provided.

Faculty Notification Letter

  • Purpose of form: Initiates a request for our office to send letters to your professors about your accommodations.
  • You will need: Course number, section number, professor name and professor email address.

Test Proctoring

Must be submitted seven weekdays in advance of exam date.
  • Purpose of form: Request that a test be taken in the proctoring room of the Student Disabilities Resource Center instead of the scheduled test location.
  • You will need: Class test date and time, course number, section number, professor name and professor email address.

Alternative Format Textbook

  • Purpose of form: Request alternative format for your textbook. This will help ensure your books will be ordered in a timely manner.
  • You will need: Book title, book edition, publisher, publish date, ISBN number and proof of purchase.

Note Taker

  • Purpose of form: Request a note taker for one or more classes of a student that is provided this accommodation. 
  • You will need: Course number, section number, professor name and professor email address.

Sign Language Interpreter / Real Time Captioning

  • Purpose of form: Request a sign language interpreter and/or captioning for a class or UofSC activity
  • You will need: Class title and section number/activity name. The start date, end date, time and location of the class or event.
    • The student will serve as the contact person for the interpreter.
    • The student is responsible for letting the interpreter and their disability coordinator know if they will be absent from class/activity as soon as possible.

Wheelchair Desk

  • Purpose of form: Used when there is not a wheelchair desk available in a classroom.
  • You will need: Course number, building and room number.

Reduced Course Load

  • Purpose of form: A student who is approved for a reduced course load must complete the form for financial aid to recognize you as a full-time student with a lighter course load.
  • It is recommended to submit the request for financial aid at the beginning of the semester.
  • If you are taking a reduced course load of less than 12 hours, you will be required to pay additional fees such as health, athletics or other non-academic fees as appropriate in order to participate in these activities. The Bursar's Office provides additional details about these optional fees.

Facility Access Issue

  • Purpose of form: Notify the USC Facilities department if there is an area on campus that makes it very difficult, or impossible, for you to reach your destination (such as a walkway through campus, entrance/exit area of a building, or elevator in a hallway) and there is no alternative route you can take.

A Note to Parents

You’ve been there for your student. Now “being there” means allowing and encouraging your student to manage his or her responsibilities, needs and disability. Only the most extreme circumstances, such as those that seriously threaten the health of the student, allow for direct parental or other family involvement.

Waiver to Share Information

Students can sign a waiver in our main office to share information with parents. However, even if the student has signed this waiver, the office may still only communicate with parents or other parties with the student present.


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