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Student Success Center

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Outgoing Students

We are excited you are participating in the National Student Exchange (NSE) program, and we know you'll have a great time exchanging at a member institution.

There are a few details to take care of before you begin your travels. And remember, wherever you are going, you will always have a home here at the University of South Carolina. 

Once you have been accepted by the host school, a number of things should quickly happen at USC:

  1.  Placement Acceptance For (PAF): A Student Success Center representative will contact you for an appointment and tell you which placement you've been offered. During the appointment, you will accept or reject a placement decision by signing a Placement Acceptance Form (PAF).
  2. Pre-Departure Orientation: Outgoing students are required to participate in a NSE Pre-Departure Orientation. This is online and can be done on your own time. After the PAF is completed, instructions will be provided on the Pre-Departure Orientation.
  3. Special Enrollment Request Form (SERF): Once you know what institution you are attending, you are expected to work with your academic advisor to complete a Special Enrollment Request Form. After it is completed, it must be signed by you, your advisor and the academic dean. Give copies to the advisor, the Student Success Center, Financial Aid and keep one for your personal records. The original form is filed with USC's Registrar's office.
  4. Direct Deposit: if you anticipate receiving an overage amount from your financial aid, you are encouraged to set up direct deposit with a checking account through USC's Registrar's office.
  5. Waivers and Paperwork: A number of forms will need to be completed before you leave. This will be covered in pre-departure orientation paperwork. 
  6. Money Management Consultation: Once outgoing students know their placement, they are required to complete a Money Management Consultation in the SSC to make financial plans for their exchange experiences. Students can make an appointment on the SSC website. 
  7. Blog: All outgoing NSE students are required to keep a public blog about their exchange experience. Further details on how to blog will be provided.

Stay connected by sharing your experience with family, friends and National Student Exchange staff!

We ask all outgoing students to reflect on their time away from USC by keeping a blog. You can use your writings, pictures, and videos in a future portfolio. Distinguish yourself with a catchy title and a theme or template design that reflects your personality.

Check out the blogging guide [pdf] to get started on your blog and consider using the outgoing NSE bucket list [pdf] as a starting point to make your own list!

Browse Past Participant Blogs!


Being a Carolinian

Outgoing NSE students are still students of the University of South Carolina.

While on exchange, NSE students are expected to:

Please carefully review the links above. You can be held accountable for violations at your home and host schools. For additional questions about conduct while on exchange, please contact the Student Success Center at 803-777-1000.

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