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Student Success Center

Financial Literacy Workshops and Consultations

Earn the confidence and security that comes from taking control of your financial decisions.

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The Student Success Center offers a wide variety of academic & financial decision-making and skill development workshops.  Schedule one today for your class or organization. 



Workshops for Organizations

Submit a request form to have the Student Success Center facilitate a workshop for your organization or residence hall. A staff member will follow-up with you within two to three business days.

Workshops are approximately 1 hour long and must be held in an environment that is conducive to student learning. Please submit all requests at least two weeks in advance.

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Cover Your Class

Submit a request form to have the Student Success Center facilitate a workshop for your class. A staff member will follow-up with you within two to three business days. Please submit all requests at least two weeks in advance. If you teach University 101 and are interested in a Student Success Center presentation, visit University 101 Programs for more information.

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Workshops Offered

Budgeting 101

Are you interested in setting financial goals but unsure where to start? Learn how to develop a budget and get tips for long-term budget maintenance.

Get Smart About Credit

Explore the basics of credit and discuss credit reports and credit scores. We will help you determine whether or not you're ready for a credit card and take next steps with you from there.

How to Pay the Bills

Moving off-campus for the first-time? Have a tighter budget than last year? This is an interactive workshop designed to give you tools to pay the bills and balance a budget.

How to Prepare for Student Loan Repayment

Learn more about the student loan process and prepare for successful repayment.

Planning Your Finances for Study Abroad

Allocate funds for every stage of your trip by taking into account your needs before departure, during your stay and upon your return.

Start Smart Salary Negotiation for College Students

Combat the gender wage gap by approaching the job market armed with the knowledge and skills to negotiate salaries and benefits and receive fair and realistic compensation. This two-hour workshop, developed to empower college women starting out in their careers, can also be broadened to include men. 

What's "App-ening"

This workshop presents beneficial academic and financial-based mobile applications for students to use in their everyday lives. The apps focus on studying effectively, managing time, staying on task, as well as maintaining a budget or savings plan, learning about credit, minimizing frivolous spending, and investing.


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