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Student Success Center

Summer Support

In order to continue to support UofSC students through the summer semester, the Student Success Center is providing virtual one-on-one support with tutoring, writing, success consultations, and money management consultations. 

Supported Summer Courses

Course Code Course Name Keywords
(hidden column)
 ACCT 225 Introduction to Financial Accounting  
 ACCT 226 Introduction to Managerial Accounting  
 ACCT 324 Survey of Commercial Law  
 ANTH 101 Primates, People, & Prehist  
 ANTH 102 Understanding Other Cultures  
 BIOL 101 Biological Principles I  
 BIOL 102 Biological Principles II  
 BIOL 243 Human Anatomy and Physiology I  
 BIOL 244 Human Anatomy and Physiology II  
 BIOL 302 Cell and Molecular Biology  
 BIOL 303 Fundamental Genetics  
 BIOL 505 Developmental Biology  
 BIOL 541 Biochemistry  
 BIOL 620 Immunobiology  
 CHEM 102 Fundamental Chemistry II  
 CHEM 105 Chemistry and Modern Society I  
 CHEM 111 General Chemistry I  
 CHEM 112 General Chemistry II  
 CHEM 321 Quantitive Analysis  
 CHEM 322 Analytical Chemistry  
 CHEM 333 Organic Chemistry I  
 CHEM 334 Organic Chemistry II  
 CHEM 550 Biochemistry  
 CSCE 101 Introduction to Computer Concepts  
 CSCE 102 General Applications Programming  
 CSCE 145 Algorithmic Design I  
 CSCE 146 Algorithmic Design II  
 CSCE 212 Introduction to Computer Architecture  
 CSCE 240 Introduction to Software Engineering  
 CSCE 330 Programming Lang Structures  
 CSCE 350 Data Structures & Algorithms  
 ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics  
 ECON 224 Introduction to Economics  
 EXSC 223 Anatomy and Physiology I  
 EXSC 224 Anatomy and Physiology II  
 EXSC 330 Exercise Physiology  
 FINA 363 Introduction to Finance  
 FINA 365 Corporate Financial Analysis  
 FINA 469 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management  
 FREN 109 Beginning French I  
 FREN 110 Beginning French II  
 FREN 121 Elementary French  
 FREN 122 Basic Proficiency in French  
 FREN 310 Advanced Oral Communication  
 MATH 111 Basic College Mathematics  
 MATH 115 Precalculus Mathematics  
 MATH 122 Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences  
 MATH 141 Calculus I  
 MATH 142 Calculus II  
 MATH 241 Vector Calculus  
 MATH 242 Elementary Differential Equations  
 MATH 300 Transition to Advanced Mathematics  
 MATH 344 Applied Linear Algebra  
 MGMT 250 Professional Communication  
 MGMT 371 Principles of Management  
 MGSC 290 Computer Information Systems in Business  
 MGSC 291 Statistics for Business and Economics  
 MGSC 395 Operations Management  
 MGSC 486 Service Operations Management  
 MKTG 350 Principles of Marketing  
 NURS 216 Biophysical Pathology  
 NURS 311 Intro to Health Assessment  
 NURS 312 Foundations of Nurs Practice  
 NURS 313 Nursing Care Older Adult  
 NURS 314 Clin Reasng in Nurs Practice  
 NURS 324 Chemical Therapeutics  
 NURS 400 HNRS: Evidence-based Nursing Practice  
 NURS 411 Psych/Mental Health Nursing  
 NURS 412 Acute Care Nursing of Adults I  
 NURS 422 Acute Care Nursing of Adults II  
 NURS 424 Maternal/Newborn Nursing  
 NURS 425 Nursing of Childrn & Families  
 NURS 431 HNRS: Population Health Nursing  
 PHYS 211 Essentials of Physics I  
 PHYS 212 Essentials of Physics II  
 SPAN 109 Beginning Spanish I  
 SPAN 110 Beginning Spanish II  
 SPAN 121 Elementary Spanish  
 SPAN 122 Basic Proficiency in Spanish  
 SPAN 209 Intermediate Spanish I  
 SPAN 210 Intermediate Spanish II  
 SPAN 302 Advanced Spanish  
 SPAN 305 Working with Hispanic Clients  
 STAT 206 Elementary Statistics for Business  
 STAT 509 Statistics for Engineers  


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