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Study Abroad Office

Advising Guide

We hope this information will help provide you the tools necessary to advise students for study abroad academic coursework. Please contact our office anytime you have questions related to study abroad advising or would like a more detailed explanation of the process. 

Steps in the Study Abroad Advising Process

1. Initial Advising/Information Session: Students first attend a general study abroad appointment to gain an overview of available programs and learn about the study abroad process. Students are directed to meet with their academic advisors early in the process to discuss academic requirements and to identify potential classes to take abroad. 

2. Follow-Up Advising: As the student narrows down study abroad program options, he/she meets with a study abroad advisor to discuss program details more in-depth. 

3. Application: All students who intend to earn credit for study abroad during the summer, semester or academic year must submit a study abroad application to the Study Abroad Office. 

4. Course Approval: All students earning transfer credit must meet with their academic department to complete the Study Abroad Approval Form, which lists intended requirements to be fulfilled while abroad. Students are instructed to take course descriptions or syllabi when meeting with their academic advisor. As the advisor, you will then review the course descriptions to determine what USC requirement the overseas course will fulfill. 

5. INTL Registration: The Study Abroad Office will enroll all approved students in the INTL placeholder course. Registration for the INTL placeholder course ensures that students maintain their active student status at USC and that no application for readmission will be required upon return. Additionally, students must be registered for the INTL placeholder course in order to access scholarships and financial aid.

6. While Abroad: If a student's schedule changes while abroad, the student is instructed to contact you, the academic advisor, for approval of any new courses. 

7. Credit Transfer: After a student has completed coursework and exams abroad, the host institution or program provider sends a transcript directly to the Study Abroad Office. The transcript may take up to six to eight weeks to reach the study abroad office.

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