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Office of System Affairs

Fields of Study

The information in this table is based on South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) official degree inventory and is accurate as of October 2017.

University Field of Study Associate's Bachelor's Master's Doctorate Certificate Other
Aiken Applied Clinical Psychology            
Aiken Biology             
Aiken  Business Administration             
Aiken Business Administration and Management             
Aiken Chemistry             
Aiken Clinical Laboratory Science             
Aiken Communication             
Aiken Early Childhood Education             
Aiken Educational Technology (joint w/ USC Columbia)             
Aiken Elementary Education             
Aiken English            
Aiken Exercise & Sports Science             
Aiken Fine Arts             
Aiken History             
Aiken Industrial Mathematics             
Aiken Industrial Process Engineering             
Aiken Interdisciplinary Studies             
Aiken Mathematics & Computer Science             
Aiken Middle Level Education, Mathematics/English             
Aiken Middle Level Education, Mathematics/Science             
Aiken Middle Level Education, Mathematics/Social Studies             
Aiken Middle Level Education, Science/English            
Aiken Middle Level Education, Science/Social Studies             
Aiken Middle Level Education, Social Studies/English             
Aiken Music Education             
Aiken Nursing - BSN Completion (RN to BSN)             
Aiken Nursing Generic (No RN)            
Aiken Political Science             
Aiken Psychology             
Aiken Secondary Education, Biology             
Aiken Secondary Education, Chemistry             
Aiken Secondary Education, Comprehensive Social Studies             
Aiken Secondary Education, Comprehensive Science             
Aiken Secondary Education, English            
Aiken Secondary Education, Mathematics             
Aiken Sociology             
Aiken Special Education, Multi-Categorical             
Beaufort Biology             
Beaufort Business Administration            
Beaufort Communication Studies            
Beaufort Computational Science             
Beaufort Early Childhood Education             
Beaufort Elementary Education             
Beaufort English             
Beaufort Health Promotion             
Beaufort History             
Beaufort Hospitality Management             
Beaufort Human Services             
Beaufort Human Services - Degree Completion             
Beaufort Liberal Arts and Sciences             
Beaufort Liberal Studies             
Beaufort Mathematics             
Beaufort Nursing - BSN Completion (RN to BSN)             
Beaufort Nursing Generic (No RN)             
Beaufort Psychology             
Beaufort Sociology             
Beaufort Spanish             
Beaufort Studio Art             
Columbia  (Professional) Business Administration            
Columbia Accelerated Master of Business Administration             
Columbia Accountancy             
Columbia Accounting             
Columbia Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practictioner            
Columbia Advanced Atheletic Training            
Columbia Advanced Practice Nursing             
Columbia Advertising            
Columbia  Aerospace Engineering            
Columbia Aerospace Engineering (APOGEE)             
Columbia African American Studies             
Columbia Anthropology             
Columbia Applied Statistics            
Columbia Art Education             
Columbia Art Education, Teacher             
Columbia Art History             
Columbia Art Studio             
Columbia Biochemistry and Molecular Biology             
Columbia Biological Sciences            
Columbia Biomedical Engineering             
Columbia Biomedical Sciences             
Columbia Biomedical Studies             
Columbia Biostatistics             
Columbia Broadcast Jounalism             
Columbia Business Administration             
Columbia Business Analytics             
Columbia Business Economics             
Columbia  Cardiovascular Technology            
Columbia Chemical Engineering             
Columbia Chemical Engineering (APOGEE)             
Columbia Chemistry             
Columbia Children's Law             
Columbia Chinese Studies             
Columbia Civil Engineering             
Columbia Civil Engineering (APOGEE)             
Columbia Classics             
Columbia Clinical Nursing             
Columbia Clinical-Community Psychology             
Columbia Communication Sciences and Disorders             
Columbia Comparative Literature             
Columbia Computer Engineering             
Columbia Computer Information Systems             
Columbia Computer Science             
Columbia Computer Science and Engineering              
Columbia Computer Science and Engineering (APOGEE)            
Columbia  Conducting            
Columbia Cost Management             
Columbia Counselor Education             
Columbia Counselor Education: Career Development Facilitator             
Columbia Creative Writing             
Columbia  Criminology and Criminal Justice            
Columbia Curriculum and Instruction             
Columbia Cyber Security Studies             
Columbia Dance             
Columbia Drug and Addition Studies             
Columbia Early Childhood Education             
Columbia Earth & Environmental Resources Management             
Columbia Economics             
Columbia Education Administration             
Columbia Educational Administration             
Columbia Educational Psychology and Research             
Columbia Educational Technology             
Columbia Electrical Engineering             
Columbia Electrical Engineering (APOGEE)             
Columbia Elementary Education             
Columbia Engineering Management             
Columbia Engineering Management (APOGEE)            
Columbia English            
Columbia English, Teacher Education             
Columbia Enterprise Resouce Planning Systems             
Columbia Environmental Health Sciences             
Columbia Environmental Science             
Columbia Environmental Studies             
Columbia Epidemiology             
Columbia Executive International Master of Business             
Columbia Executive International Master of Business Administration             
Columbia Exercise Science             
Columbia Experimental Psychology             
Columbia Family Nurse Practitioner             
Columbia Film and Media Studies             
Columbia Finance             
Columbia Foreign Languages, French/Teacher Education             
Columbia Foreign Languages, German/Teacher Education             
Columbia Foreign Languages, Spanish/Teacher Education             
Columbia Foundations of Educaiton             
Columbia French             
Columbia General Public Health             
Columbia Genetic Counseling             
Columbia Geography             
Columbia Geological Sciences             
Columbia Geophysics             
Columbia German             
Columbia Gerontology             
Columbia Global Strategy             
Columbia Global Studies             
Columbia Health Communication             
Columbia  Health Information Technology            
Columbia Health Nursing             
Columbia Health Promotion, Education and Behavior             
Columbia Health Services Policy and Management             
Columbia Health, Promotion, Education, and Behavior             
Columbia Higher Education & Student Affairs             
Columbia Higher Education Leadership             
Columbia Historical Archeology & Cultural Resources Management              
Columbia  History            
Columbia Hospitality Management             
Columbia Human Resources             
Columbia Information Science             
Columbia Information Security             
Columbia  Integrated Infromation Techology            
Columbia Interdisciplinary Studies             
Columbia Interdisciplinary Studies (Honors)             
Columbia International Business             
Columbia International Finance             
Columbia International Hospitality & Tourism Management             
Columbia International Studies             
Columbia Journalism             
Columbia Journalism and Mass Communications             
Columbia Language and Literacy            
Columbia Law             
Columbia Liberal Arts and Sciences             
Columbia Liberal Studies             
Columbia Library and Information Science            
Columbia Library and Information Science, Teacher Education             
Columbia Linguistics             
Columbia Management             
Columbia Management Science             
Columbia Marine Science             
Columbia Marketing             
Columbia Mass Communications             
Columbia Mathematics             
Columbia Mathematics, Teacher Education             
Columbia Mechanical Engineering             
Columbia Mechanical Engineering (APOGEE)             
Columbia Media Arts             
Columbia Medicine             
Columbia Middle Level Education, Mathematics/English            
Columbia Middle Level Education, Mathematics/Science             
Columbia Middle Level Education, Mathematics/Social Studies            
Columbia Middle Level Education, Science/English            
Columbia Middle Level Education, Science/Social Studies            
Columbia Middle Level Education, Social Studies/English             
Columbia Museum Management            
Columbia Music             
Columbia Music Composition             
Columbia Music Education             
Columbia Music Performance             
Columbia Music Performance (undergraduate certificate)             
Columbia Nuclear Engineering             
Columbia Nuclear Engineering (APOGEE)             
Columbia Nurse Anesthesia             
Columbia Nusring - BSN Completion (RN to BSN)             
Columbia Nursing Administration             
Columbia Nursing Generic (No RN)             
Columbia Nursing Practice             
Columbia Nursing Science (Post RN)             
Columbia Organizational Leadership             
Columbia Pharmaceutical Sciences             
Columbia Pharmaceutical Sciences (joint w/ MUSC)             
Columbia Pharmacy             
Columbia Pharmacy (joint w/ MUSC)            
Columbia Philosophy             
Columbia Physical Activity and Public Health             
Columbia Physical Education             
Columbia Physical Education, Teacher             
Columbia Physical Therapy             
Columbia Physician Assistant Studies             
Columbia Physics             
Columbia Piano Pedogogy             
Columbia Play Therapy             
Columbia Political Science             
Columbia Professional Science Master             
Columbia Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practicioner             
Columbia Psychiatric Rehabilitation             
Columbia Psychology             
Columbia Public Administration             
Columbia Public Health             
Columbia Public History            
Columbia Public Relations             
Columbia Qualitative Research             
Columbia Railway Engineering             
Columbia Real Estate             
Columbia Rehabilitation Counseling             
Columbia Religious Studies             
Columbia Retailing             
Columbia Risk Management and Insurance             
Columbia Russian             
Columbia School Psychology             
Columbia Sciences             
Columbia Sciences w/ Biology Concentration - Teacher Education            
Columbia Sciences w/ Chemistry Concentration - Teacher Education             
Columbia Sciences w/ Earth Sciences Concentration - Teacher Education             
Columbia Sciences w/ Natural Sciences Concentration - Teacher Education             
Columbia Sciences w/ Physics Concentration - Teacher Education             
Columbia Secondary Education and Teaching, Science             
Columbia Secondary Education and Teaching, English            
Columbia Secondary Education and Teaching, Mathematics              
Columbia Secondary Education and Teaching, Social Studies              
Columbia Social and Behavioral Health with Military Members             
Columbia Social Studies, Teacher Education             
Columbia Social Work             
Columbia Sociology             
Columbia Software Engineering             
Columbia Spanish             
Columbia Special Education, Emotional & Behavioral Disorders             
Columbia Special Education, Learning Disabilities            
Columbia Special Education, Mental Retardation            
Columbia Special Education, Severe & Multiple Disabilities             
Columbia Special Education             
Columbia Speech Pathology             
Columbia Speech-Language Pathology             
Columbia Sport & Entertainment Management             
Columbia Statistics             
Columbia Stystem Design             
Columbia Teaching             
Columbia Teaching and Learning             
Columbia Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages            
Columbia Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurial Engineering             
Columbia Theatre             
Columbia Theatre, Teacher Education             
Columbia Tourism Management             
Columbia Visual Communications             
Columbia Women's and Gender Studies             
Lancaster Business            
Lancaster Criminal Justice             
Lancaster General Liberal Arts & Sciences             
Lancaster Technical Nursing             
Salkehatchie General Liberal Arts & Sciences             
Sumter General Liberal Arts & Sciences             
Union General Liberal Arts & Sciences             
Union Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies            
Upstate Advanced Manufaturing Management            
Upstate Art Education             
Upstate Art Studio             
Upstate Biology             
Upstate Business Administration             
Upstate Chemistry             
Upstate Child Advocacy Studies             
Upstate Child Development and Family Studies             
Upstate Commercial Music            
Upstate Communications             
Upstate Computer Information Systems             
Upstate Computer Science             
Upstate Criminal Justice             
Upstate Early Childhood Education             
Upstate Elementary Education            
Upstate Elementary Teacher Education             
Upstate Engineering Technology Management             
Upstate English             
Upstate English for Speakers of Other Languages            
Upstate Exercise and Sport Science             
Upstate Health Informatics             
Upstate History             
Upstate Informatics             
Upstate Informatics, Advanced             
Upstate Informatics, Intermediate             
Upstate Information Management and Systems             
Upstate Interdisciplinary Studies             
Upstate Learning Disabilities             
Upstate Mathematics             
Upstate Middle Level Education, Mathematics/English             
Upstate Middle Level Education, Mathematics/Science            
Upstate Middle Level Education, Mathematics/Social Studies            
Upstate Middle Level Education, Science/English            
Upstate Middle Level Education, Science/Social Studies            
Upstate Middle Level Education, Social Studies/English             
Upstate Nursing - BSN Completion (RN to BSN)            
Upstate Nursing - Clinical Nurse Leader             
Upstate Nursing Generic (No RN)             
Upstate Physical Education             
Upstate Political Science             
Upstate Psychology             
Upstate Secondary Teacher Education, Biology             
Upstate Secondary Teacher Education, Chemistry            
Upstate Secondary Teacher Education, English             
Upstate Secondary Teacher Education, Mathematics            
Upstate Secondary Teacher Education, Social Studies              
Upstate Secondary Teacher Education, Spanish             
Upstate Sociology            
Upstate Spanish             
Upstate Special Education - Visual Impairment             
Upstate Theatre             
Upstate Urban and Regional Studies             


Office of System Affairs

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