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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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Creative for a cause

CreateAthon@USC pairs a diverse group of majors with nonprofits to create comprehensive marketing campaigns. For Niño Tria, it was a way to pair his interest in visual communications with the research data he used to develop his designs.

Find your fit

"I chose Vis Comm because I thought it'd be a perfect transition from graphic design at my previous school. I wanted to explore more possibilities to apply my previous degree to the constantly growing industry."

Expand your options

CreateAthon is a 24-hour pro bono marketing and service learning program. Students from a variety of majors plan comprehensive marketing communications for Columbia-area nonprofits. It's a way for students to not only work across disciplines, but drive real business results.

"I was introduced to CreateAthon@USC by Scott Farrand, a School of Journalism instructor. Our team developed a marketing campaign for Be The Match South Carolina, a organization that connects bone marrow patients with donors."

Discover new approaches

Having to work within a 24-hour window and with students across disciplines, CreateAthon@USC helps provide a unique experience for participants. From coding websites to designing social media advertisements, there is an expectation that students fulfill their deliverables.

"For our Be The Match campaign, we relied on our research data to inform the creation of our designs and communication strategy."

Prepare for your future

"This experience showed me how important it is to work with students who have a diverse set of skills. It also made me realize how much you can accomplish in 24-hours for deserving clients."

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